Total Health Spokane


Completing the gospel commission, in unity, using Christ’s methods.


Total Health Spokane (THS) is a five-year Gospel/Medical mission to the people of Spokane. THS is designed to help Christians become dynamic soul winners as well as leaders in the ministry of soul-winning. THS provides many different opportunities for the community such as: wellness classes, depression recovery programs, diabetes reversal, health clinics, Bible studies, and cooking classes. Volunteers will be participating in hosting these events and community opportunities.

Quick Info

Average fundraising goal $5,400; Self-funded (at least $600/month)
Requirements 1+ year college education
Language English
Timeline 9 months or summer


  • Full-time evangelistic work (9 months)
  • Part-time evangelistic work (9 months)
  • Camp MiVoden (Summer)
  • HIS Travelers (Summer)

More Info

Housing will be shared apartment/house space with other volunteers. Utilities will be covered by volunteer fees.

Food will be purchased and prepared by the volunteers and their housemates as arranged by the group.

Transportation will be at the responsibility of the volunteer. It is encouraged to bring your own vehicle, but volunteers will be paired up if need for transportation arises.