Disability Support Services

Walla Walla University is committed to providing equal access to all programs, services, and facilities. Disability Support Services provides assistance for enrolled or admitted students who have disabilities under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

Transition to Accommodate

The DSS office is excited to announce the implementation of Accommodate, an online case management system that will assist students, faculty, and staff in requesting, approving, and implementing disability-related accommodations. 

This new database, Accommodate, enhances our ability to support our Walla Walla University community. This system will take the place of the previous paper file system for requesting and implementing accommodations. Accommodate will be used for students and faculty from every campus (College Place, Portland, Missoula, Billings, and Rosario). 

Accommodate will be going live on September 26th. By this date, course info will be synced, allowing students to send Accommodation Letters to their professors. Faculty will be able to log in on the 26th to view accommodations for students in their classes.

Our Mission

Disability Support Services (DSS) strives to promote and provide inclusive and equitable educational access for WWU students with disabilities through accommodations, supports, and advocacy. 

Accommodate for Students

The Accommodate portal will allow students 24/7 access to all of their disability-related information, including approved accommodations, pending requests, accommodation letters, appointments with DSS, scheduled exam proctoring, uploaded documentation, and more. 

Visit the Student Resources page for tutorials on how to access and begin using Accommodate as a new or legacy student user, request LOAs, request test room bookings, and more. Accommodate will be live for all students on September 26th. Until then, only legacy students will be able to log in to view past or contiuing accommodations. However, students new to DSS can submit requests for accommodation any time. If you have difficulty accessing Accommodate, reach out to our office and one of our workers will assist you. Call us at 509-527-2313 or email student.development@wallawalla.edu.

Incoming freshman or transfer students, or students who have not had accommodations in the past, will be able to log onto Accommodate with their WWU email address to request accommodations. 

Returning students who have received accommodations in the past (referred to as legacy users) will also be able to log onto the Accommodate portal to view existing accommodations and renew documentation if needed. 

Accommodate for Faculty & Staff

The Faculty portal will allow WWU instructors to access accommodation information for students in their courses each quarter. In addition, faculty will be able to use Accommodate to view accommodation letters, and submit testing materials starting September 26th.

Visit the Faculty Resources page for tutorials on how to access and use Accommodate as a faculty user, view Accomodation letters, view test room booking requests, upload exams, and more. If you still have difficulty navigating Accommodate, reach out to our office and one of our workers will assist you. Call us at 509-527-2313 or email student.development@wallawalla.edu.