Malamulo Adventist International School opened in 2019, resulting in a small elementary ready to grow while in its exciting beginning stages! The school is mainly for the mission children whose parents work at the local hospital. This enables the children to not get behind in their studies when they return to the states. Other hospital staff also send their kids as well, so there is a mixture of mission kids and local Malawians. This is a special dynamic that most student missionaries do not get to experience. The surrounding area is beautiful, and the people are extremely kind and helpful.


Quick Info

Average Fundraising Goal $5,500
Living Allowance $200 per month
Requirements Visas are required and must be renewed (see Important Notes below).
Language The local language is Chichewa, but there is usually someone around that knows English.
Timeline Full year starting in August/September and ends in May
Positions Elementary Teacher

More Info

Makwasa, Malawi

Malamulo is the mission area where most time is spent. The school and hospital are within walking distance and are surrounded by gorgeous green tea fields that volunteers can go on walks and runs through. Makwasa is the larger village that encloses Malamulo. They have a big market day on Fridays where certain food, clothes, and other random things can be bought if needed.

Typically, volunteers have the option to decide what they want to eat. The main town is quite a distance away and is not frequently traveled to because of this. The power is unpredictable and food spoils much quicker than in the states. Stores can sometimes be hit or miss, so creativity is a must.

It is common for the mission families to share meals with the SMs. Do not be afraid to try the local food as well! Chips (fries) are safe to eat and super cheap from people on the side of the road. Rice and nsima are common foods with a side of relish (which is a mix of warm greens).

A shared room is provided. It has two beds, a small kitchen to cook, and a full bathroom that includes a toilet, shower, and sink. This room is within walking distance of the school and hospital.

Malawi is now open for visitors from 79 countries including U.S. and Canada with no visa requirements. There is a one-time $500 fee, but there is no longer a need to exit and reenter the country to renew.