Share Jesus with people in a way that they can understand and appreciate while teaching them English.


Jakarta Adventist English Conversation School is looking for devoted individuals to teach English to kindergartners, elementary students, and high school students. They will also give private tutoring lessons every week day and on occasional Sundays. ESL teachers will be required to teach according to the program of Adventist English Conversation School (AECS). Teachers are expected to be involved with the local church in helping to run youth/adult programs, preaching, teaching Sabbath school, giving testimonies, and helping out in any way possible for evangelism according to the objectives of AECS.


Quick Info

Average Fundraising Goal $5,500
Living Allowance IDR 3,750,000 per month (approximately $250 USD)
Requirements Visa, work permit (AECS will apply for it), 3 years in college or university
Language English required, Indonesian is helpful
Timeline Varies
Positions ESL teacher

More Info

Volunteers are responsible for their own meals, though some occasionally may be provided. Kitchen appliances, utilities, and other supplies will vary depending on the venue of duty but will be provided.

Lodging will be provided by the organization. Facilities such as room size, appliances, utilities, furniture and housekeeping supplies will vary according to the venue of duty. If staying in Jakarta, the lodging will be shared. Electricity is available and is 240 volts.

Electricity here is 240 volts.

Experience in teaching is required, though not necessarily in a formal school setting. Some forms of experience may be teaching Sabbath school classes, giving seminars, or speaking publicly.

Modest and professional attire is required. Women are expected to wear clothing appropriate for teaching (blouse, skirt, dress) while men must where a nice shirt and pants. No tight-fitting or revealing clothes are permitted. Jeans and t-shirts are not okay for teaching in.