Share the love of Jesus by tending to the educational, medical, and spiritual needs of the local people. 


People of Peru Project is an organization that provides aid in all forms to the region of Peru located at the headwaters of the Amazon River. Based out of San Juan, Iquitos, Peru, volunteers are able to provide medical and dental care, education for disadvantaged children, health education to communities, and opportunities for spiritual growth to those who are searching. Volunteers must be encouraging, good examples, and represent Christ.

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AMOR Projects, Ambassadors Medical Outreach & Relief, is a non-profit missionary clinic in Pucallpa, Peru. It consists of a group of locals, medical professionals, and volunteers who bring medical, dental, educational, and spiritual health to the people there. Their headquarters are located about 8 kilometers away from the city of Pucallpa. They also have an outreach post 38 kilometers away that focuses on farming and a little medical outreach. As you get farther away from Pucallpa, it gets more rural and looks more like a jungle.

Quick Info

Average fundraising goal $5,500
Living Allowance POPP $50 a month, most expenses are covered by organization
Living Allowance AMOR $300 a month
Requirements Typhoid/Yellow Fever vaccines and a visa upon arrival; must be 20+ years old for POPP
Language English is required; Spanish is the local language and is very helpful to know
Timeline 6-12 months


  • Bible Worker 

  • Graphic Design 

  • Medical Assistant 

  • ESL Teacher 

  • Physical Therapy 

  • Maintenance/Construction 

  • Child care assistant
  • Tutor
  • Program assistant
  • Summer camp counselor

More Info

People of Peru Project
Volunteers are provided most meals which consist of the abundant fruits, vegetables, plantains, rice, beans, etc. that can be found in Peru. 

Volunteers are responsible for their own food. There are two nice grocery stores inside plazas (malls) in downtown Pucallpa, about a 30 minute drive away, and 2-3 markets 5 to 15 minutes away. The grocery stores have more American options but not everything. It is nearly impossible to find peanut butter and other specific brand name foods and drinks. The local markets have cheap fruits, vegetables, plantains, rice, beans, etc.

People of Peru Project
Volunteers are provided housing through the organization that will likely be shared with a roommate. 

Volunteers are provided housing in a concrete courtyard style dorm (one story) with rooms all the way around. Each room has a bunk bed with mattresses and mosquito nets, a desk, a book case, a light, and  a fan. It's decently comfortable. The bathrooms are concrete stalls and there are some toilet stalls and some shower stalls. There is no hot water.

People of Peru Project
The organization will cover local travel expenses involving work.