To provide strategic support, guidance, and resources to Adventist Aviation Missions enabling them to be safe, sustainable, and accountable while maximizing their impact in fulfilling the Great Commission.


  • To advocate safe, sustainable, and accountable Adventist Aviation Missions to the global SDA community.
  • To inspire the next generation of Adventist aviation missionaries.
  • To connect the global Adventist aviation mission community.


AngelOne is a supporting ministry to Adventist Mission Aviation programs. They provide networking and resources to help them be safe, sustainable, and accountable. They provide a pathway (Mind the Gap) to mission aviation by connecting young people to training and funding options as well as engagement with others and programs for long term mission service.

Student missionaries will have varying responsibilities depending on skills. Some of these may include aircraft maintenance, cleaning and organizing, loading and unloading of freight and passengers, coordinating medical support for patients, community outreach, local church support, communications, media, and clinic or school support. If students have graduated in aviation, that is even more helpful!

AngelOne is passionate about helping people in need, and the volunteers there believe in following the example of Jesus: living among the people, desiring a better life, showing sympathy and compassion in their difficulties, providing support in their time of need, and inviting them to follow Jesus.

Their purpose is to help member ministries create safe and sustainable mission aviation programs. They provide the essential support and tools to allow them to focus on serving remote and isolated groups.

AngelOne offers guidance for aircraft acquisition, pilot training and maintenance program services. As teams grow, they provide financial and management tools and team training resources. Their team's desire is to encourage a strong faith in Jesus Christ, to serve, equip and empower mission teams in their service to others.


Quick Info

Average Fundraising Goal $5,500
Living Allowance Varies by location
Requirements 19+ years old, interest in mission aviation
Language English required
Timeline Varies by location
Positions Mission pilot/mechanic intern

More Info

AngelOne works all around the world! Volunteers are placed in locations the organization feels they will best excel and help most in. 

Because AngelOne works around the world, food styles will vary by location. Meals will often be provided by the organization. 

Though each location has a different setup, all living accommodations are provided by AngelOne.