Village Housing

Village Housing has properties to meet a variety of needs from apartments (studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom) to several 2- and 3-bedroom houses. To reside in Village Housing, students must be enrolled full-time in a degree-track program and meet eligibility to live off campus. Faculty and staff must be full-time, benefit-eligible employees of Walla Walla University.

Most housing options are within walking distance of the university so you remain an active part of our residential campus. Each apartment complex has an area coordinator who cares for the well-being of each community. These coordinators are here to answer your questions and make sure our community is safe. They also help you when you lock yourself out of your apartment, have an emergency, or have any other minor issues. Students in our campus housing enjoy our vibrant campus and local community, as well as the numerous events planned by the student-led Village Club. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

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Apartment communities

Birch Street Apartments

Located 25, 35, 45 NE Birch

$840/month, to increase to $880/month effective 7/1/23

Residents will enjoy these two bedroom apartments, completed in the early 1990's. They are located just 1.5 blocks from campus.

  • All two bedrooms
  • University pays Water/Sewer/Garbage
  • Electricity not included
  • Wireless High Speed Internet included
  • Shared Laundry Facility

Take a look:

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Faculty Court

Located 105,111,119 E Whitman Drive

$560/month (1 br) | $700/month (2 br),
to increase to $585/month (1 br) and $730/month (2 br) effective 7/1/23

Residents will enjoy these charming apartments that were originally Married Student housing. Each apartment comes with a storage closet near the laundry facility. Located just 1 block from the main campus.

  • One and two bedrooms
  • University pays Water/Sewer/Garbage
  • Electricity not included
  • Wireless High Speed Internet included
  • Shared Laundry Facility

Take a look:

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Hallmark Apartments

Located 210, 220 N College Ave & 205 NE Ash

$560/month (1 br) | $680/month (2 br),
to $585/month (1 br) effective 7/1/23.

Hallmark 2-bedroom apartments will no longer be an option after the spring term 2023.

These apartments were originally built to serve as Married Student Housing. Though older, many of the apartments have been updated on the inside. Just a short walk away from Rogers Bakery and the Village Housing Office.

  • One & two bedrooms
  • University pays Water/Sewer/Garbage
  • Electricity not included
  • Wireless high-speed internet available
  • Shared laundry facility
  • One carport for each two bedroom apartment

Take a look:

Download the one bedroom/studio floor plan >

Download the two bedroom floor plan >

Mountain View Apartments

Located 203, 207, 211, and 215 East Whitman Drive

$1,040/month, to increase to $1,080/month effective 7/1/23.

Our newest apartment community, construction for Mountain View Apartments was completed in September of 2003.

  • All apartments are two bedroom
  • University pays Water/Sewer/Garbage
  • Electricity not included
  • Wireless High Speed Internet included
  • Equipped with clothes washer and dryer and dishwasher

Take a look:

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Escape Ladder Information

Ladders are provided in 3rd floor Mt. View apartments for use in an emergency that prevents escape from the front door. Please watch an informational video about the use of the escape ladder.

NOTE: Please be aware that these ladders are to be used ONLY in the event of a fire that prevents escaping through the front door. Because these ladders are for emergencies only, we ask that you do not tamper with them at any other time. Tamper seals are placed on each unit to indicate improper usage. Should the Village Housing office be made aware that you have tampered with these fire escape ladders aside from the above mentioned, you will be fined $1,000 and asked to vacate your apartment immediately.

University Studios

Located 27 N College Ave

$515/month (w/kitchenette) | $460/month (no kitchenette),
to increase to $535/month (w/kitchenette and $480/month (no kitchenette) effective 7/1/23.

Though originally built as a motel, the university acquired the property to rent as studio apartments. Just half a block from the main campus and directly across the street from the Village Housing office building, these studios are quaint apartments that fit a tighter budget.

  • University pays all utilities except for phone
  • Wireless High Speed Internet available
  • Shared Laundry Facility
  • Five units with kitchenettes, five without

Take a look:

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Various locations close to campus

Monthly rent amounts for houses and house apartments vary but are typically $550-$600 for a 1 bedroom, $800-$1,100 for a 2 bedroom, and $1,000-$1,400 for a 3 bedroom. Because amenties vary by property and availability is not known at the time housing applications are submitted, details regarding specific properties are communicated at the time housing offers are given.

  • Utilities required vary by property
  • Internet service not provided
  • Most houses have laundry hookups available
  • Most house apartments have a shared laundry site available
  • Some houses may have a garage or storage shed available
  • Lawn mowing included in most houses

Applying for housing

Students with university login credentials may apply online for housing during the open application periods listed below.

Faculty and staff may find more information about housing on the Faculty and Staff Housing page.

Spring 2023

Application Open: Feb 12-14
Offers Begin: Feb 20
Move-in Date: Mar 26

Summer 2023

Application Open: May 14-16
Offers Begin: May 22
Move-in Date: Jun 18

Fall 2023

Application Open: May 28-31
Offers Begin: Jul 3
Move-in Date: Sep 24

Winter 2024

Application Open: Nov 12-14
Offers Begin: Nov 20
Move-in Date: Jan 7

Spring 2024

Application Open: Feb 11-13
Offers Begin: Feb 19
Move-in Date: Mar 31

Housing priority (students)

Not everyone who applies will receive housing. Housing offers are made dependent on availability. Priority is granted to applicants who are married, have children, or are 25 years of age or older. Housing offers are made to other applicants on a first-come, first-served basis according to housing preferences selected and availability.

Eligibility (students)

Before housing offers are made, applications will be reviewed to ensure eligibility is met. To be eligible for Village Housing, the student must be in good standing at the university and enrolled in full time, degree track, or equivalent coursework (audit courses do not apply). In addition, the student must have completed 135 credit hours and/or be 22 years of age, or meet other housing policy eligibility criteria.
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Housing offers (students)

Housing offers are extended in waves and are sent through WWU email. When an offer is extended, the applicant will have a specified number of days to accept or reject the offer. We work our way through the waitlist until all units we anticipate will be available have been reserved. Applicants who do not receive housing may re-apply for the following quarter.

Reserving Your Housing Assignment
Once an applicant has accepted a housing assignment, an email will be sent with a list of items that must be completed before moving in. These include:

  • Housing Administration Fee Payment ($175 for single occupant in a 1-bedroom or for each assigned occupant in a shared 2+ bedroom, or $350 for a married couple, family, or for a single occupant in a 2+ bedroom)
  • Student Financial Services Approval
  • Campus Housing Workshop Completion

Roommates (students)

Students are responsible for finding their own roommates. On the housing application, a code matching process is used. For students who indicate they intend to have a roommate, a code is generated for them to share with students they intend to have as their roommates. Students may also enter the code they have received. Code matches are accepted as roommate approvals. Primary residents who already have housing reserved may also email their roommate approvals to the Village Housing office. Many students have been successful finding roommates on the WWU app. As a courtesy, the Village Housing office also keeps an internal roommate search list.

Map of WWU village housing options
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Village Housing

(509) 527-2109

Please use our main office email address for housing inquiries and guestroom reservations.


Dorene Hackett

Assistant Director for Off-campus Housing
(509) 527-2109

Dorene manages Village Housing, Walla Walla University's off-campus housing. Dorene joined Walla Walla University in 2014. She holds a bachelors degree in Organizational Behavior and Management, and has a well-rounded knowledge in both business practices and program development. She strives to create a safe, supportive, and educational living environment.


Joan Wright

Administrative Assistant
(509) 527-2109

Joan takes care of off-campus housing requests, guestroom reservations, utility bill audits, and keeps things running smoothly in the Village Housing office. She has been employed by WWU since 2016 and has great customer service and organizational skills. Joan joined Village Housing in 2022.