Adventist Elementary Schools in North America


To enable learners to develop a life of faith in God, and to use their knowledge, skills, and understandings to serve God and humanity.


Adventist schools encourage students to learn, grow, and explore their world encircled by the safe boundaries of caring teachers, curated curriculum, and relevant activities for each developmental stage.

Elementary schools across North America need volunteers to help in various roles each year. These needs may include tutoring, administration, maintenance, and other positions. Often schools ask for teacher assistants to help care for and disciple their students. The details of your role will vary depending on the school where you serve.

Quick Info

Average fundraising goal $500 + possible travel expenses
Living Allowance $300-600 a month depending on location
Requirements 20+ years preferred, 2+ years of college preferred, a driver’s license and car that you can bring with you is often preferred
Language English
Timeline Mid August- Mid June
Food Meals are usually not provided by the school
Living Accomodations Usually provided by the school

More Info

Alabama Conference
Alabama, USA

Teacher’s Aide
The volunteer will work in conjunction with certified elementary teachers to plan and teach Kindergarten part time. Their monthly living allowance will be $54 per day. They will begin working in early August and end in mid May.

Amazing Grace Academy
Palmer, AK

Teacher's Aide
Student Missionaries who support the ministry of Amazing Grace Academy (PreK-12th grade) may be asked to perform the following duties: aftercare supervision, teaching aide, recess supervision, event planning, and general school ministry. Other roles and responsibilities,may also be needed. Volunteers will make a monthly living allowance of $400 and are expected to work from mid August to mid June.

Colorado Conference
Colorado, USA

Classroom Facilitator
The volunteer will supervise students who are using Griggs International study materials (home study material) and ensure they stay on task. They will also liaise with Griggs International staff as needed. Volunteer will oversee students as they do online assignments with school provided laptops and as they communicate with Griggs International teachers and staff. The SM will be expected to provide quarterly updates for parents as to progress their student is making in completing Griggs International study materials. The monthly living allowance is $14 per day with the start time being mid August and end time being late May.

Mauna Loa SDA School
Hilo, HI

Teacher’s Aid
The TA will assist in all classroom activities including teaching, grading, tutoring, field trips, and project preparations. They will provide monitor duties during recess, lunch, and other activities in addition to assisting in the daily and weekly housekeeping tasks at school. They will perform any other duties as requested and are expected to be involved in the local community and church. TAs will be given a monthly living allowance of $450 and are expected to work from the end of July to the beginning of June the following year.

Kona Adventist Christian School
Captain Cook, HI

Teacher's Aid
Teacher's Aids must be willing to help in any place needed around the school. They may find themselves working in the classroom directly with the teacher and students or supervising during P.E. classes and recess times. If the volunteer is 21 or older, they can assist in transporting students from Kona to school and back with a van. If the volunteer has a CDL, they can assist in transporting students in a small bus once it has been purchased.

Maintenance Worker
There are occasional opportunities for maintenance workers who take care of small repair jobs around the school and help maintain the grounds. The school has many fruit trees, a garden area, and a large yard around both the church and school. Volunteers will be expected to start work at the beginning of August and finish the first week of June. There are holidays and break times throughout the year that volunteers can use as time to visit other islands, family, or friends.


Hawaiian Mission Academy Maui

Teton Adventist Christian School
Choteau, MT

Teacher's Aide
Teton Adventist Christian School (TACS) is seeking candidates for a task force teacher's aide in a one-teacher school. TACS is committed to inspiring and cultivating excellence and the desire to learn. The school offers grades 1-8 as well as a kindergarten program, for which is provided a teacher’s aide. The aide will primarily be assisting the head teacher with instruction of the kindergarten and lower grade students.

The school consists of one large classroom with a library and is attached to the church building. The school also uses the church's kitchen and other rooms for learning and recreation. The school room has recently been updated and more renovations are coming soon! 

Montana has a large variety of environments and adventure seekers will find many things to do. Choteau is located near Glacier National Park and is right on the Rocky Mountain Front. Great Falls is the nearest city. The school enjoys the support of a committed school board and constituent church.

TACS is seeking a dedicated, hard-working aide with a passion for learning and a love for Jesus. Candidates must be a faithful member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and have a strong commitment to Christ. The ideal candidate would have experience working with kids in a learning environment, although this experience is not required. Effective communication and interpersonal skills are a must. Staff are expected to be Christ-like examples to the students and families at TACS. Candidates need to be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license. BLS certification can be obtained if not already. Living provisions will be arranged, but will be gender dependent. Food reimbursement is provided. School is in session from the end of August to the end of May.

North Carolina Conference
North Carolina, USA

Elementary Assistant School Teacher
The volunteer will assist the principal in a multi-grade school for the education of children K - 8. The monthly living allowance will be $5 per day and student missionaries are expected to work mid August to the end of May.