Provide a quality education in an Adventist atmosphere to students from Pre-K to 10th grade. 


The main island of Chuuk has a pre-k to 12th grade school with 150 students. The elementary teachers spend the entire day with their students and teach every subject. All 6th - 12th grade teachers teach one or more subjects while the students rotate classrooms. Maintenance workers are involved with many aspects of maintenance and grounds work. They use whatever tools are provided by the school, which are enough for most jobs. The campus is located next to the most famous resort on Chuuk. SMs are able to spend time there, go snorkeling, and scuba dive among sunken ships and planes from WWII.

Quick Info

Average Fundraising Goal $3,700
Living Allowance $350 per month
Requirements 1 year of college experience
Language Chuukese is the local language. However, most people know English and all teaching is done in English.
Timeline Full year and semester options are available. The call typically begins at the end of July or the beginning of August. There is a required training in Hawaii at the beginning of the school year. School ends the last week of May and the SMs usually leave a few days after senior graduation.
Positions Teacher, maintenance

More Info

Weno, Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia

Volunteers are responsible for their own food. There are about 5 grocery stores on the island, with American foods being more expensive. Rice is a staple food item for the locals. There are also a few restaurants to eat at. 

Student missionaries will live in apartments on campus. There are about 5 people in each apartment. SMs will have beds, mattresses, fans, running water, and decent WiFi along with other necessities.