May Christ, as Master Teacher, be the example for our teachers and the inspiration for our students to enable them to develop the physical, mental and spiritual capacities of their students for ministry in this life and in the world to come.


Bogenhofen Seminary is located in St. Peter, Austria. They are searching for volunteers willing to be a part of a church production team while gaining valuable experience in the field. Their responsibilities would include doing video recordings and live streams of church services, cutting videos and producing DVDs, and also assisting with clean-up in the dining hall for breakfasts.

Volunteers should have an interest and talent in multi-media, photography, and/or video work. They should also have developed skills with Apple Final Cut (or similar) software if possible. They must be creative, have attention to detail, and be able to work independently.

Student Missionaries here also have the unique opportunity of taking 3 credits (hours per week) of German language studies in their language school and 2 hours of religion. A German speaking volunteer may take 5 credits (hours per week) at the Theological Seminary.


Quick Info

Average Fundraising Goal $5,500
Living Allowance EUR 80,00 (approximately $100 USD) per month
Requirements Visa
Language English required and German preferred
Timeline Varies
Positions Media assistant

More Info

Three meals daily are served in the school cafeteria. All student missionaries are assigned to dish duty after breakfast in the dining hall.

Student missionaries live in the boys' or girls' dormitory or in a guest room of approximately 16 m2 (160ft2). The dormitory offers one room for two people with a shower and bathroom. The guest rooms have a shower and bathroom in the hallway.

Local travel is provided by the school once a week to the nearby town for any shopping needs.

USA, Mexican, or Brazilian citizens are able to enter Austria as a regular tourist, applying for their visa through the school's administration after their arrival. They need to bring along the following documents for their long term visa application in Austria:

  1. Birth certificate in original form with certificate/authenticated translation in German or English
  2. Police certificate of (good) conduct/no conviction certificate/authenticated translation in German or English
  3. Photocopy of the valid passport
  4. Passport picture

Volunteers from all other countries should please check their own visa requirements.