Teach students on the island of Ebeye who need to hear the love of God. 


Ebeye SDA School is a pre-K to 12th grade school that has over 300 students and is located in a fenced-in compound with an ocean view. Ebeye is in the Kwajelein Atoll next to the US military base, making this a very safe island with a crime rate of almost 0%. Visitors will ride the ferry from the airport on Kwajelein island to Ebeye. Over 50% of the island population is under the age of 18 and is one of the most densely populated places in the world. Kwajelein Atoll is one of the largest coral atolls in the world. This provides for some beautiful snorkeling in the outer islands and many beautiful sunsets and glorious starry nights. 


Quick Info

Average fundraising goal $3,700
Living Allowance $280 per month
Requirements 1 year of college experience
Language Marshallese is the local language spoken on Ebeye. However, all teaching is done in English and most locals speak English.
Timeline Full year and semester options are available. The call typically begins at the end of July or the beginning of August. There is a required training in Hawaii at the beginning of the school year. School ends the last week of May and the SMs usually leave a few days after senior graduation.


  • Pre-K/Kindergarten Teacher

  • 1st Grade Teacher 

  • 1st - 12th Grades PE/Health Teacher 

  • 2nd Grade Teacher 

  • 3rd Grade Teacher 

  • 4th Grade Teacher 

  • 5th Grade Teacher 

  • 6th Grade Teacher 


  • 7th - 12th Grade Bible Teacher/Chaplain 

  • 7th - 12th Grade Science Teacher 

  • 7th - 12th Grade Social Studies Teacher 

  • 7th - 12th Grade Art/Music Teacher 


More Info

Ebeye, Marshall Islands

Volunteers are responsible for their own food. Rice is a staple food item for the locals. Fresh fruit and vegetables are sometimes hard to come across as the produce arrives via ship occasionally. 

Student missionaries will live in apartments that are within walking distance from the school. Anywhere from 1-3 SMs will share an apartment with two rooms and a bathroom.