The Navajo Nation - Arizona


To give kids the tools and love they need to help them meet Jesus and break the cycles of addiction. 


The Navajo Nation is in the heart of the Navajo Nation Native American Reservation near the beautiful Canyon de Chelley National Monument in Chinle, Arizona. The Chinle Seventh-day Adventist Church property houses the church, the Chinle Adventist Elementary School, and several staff homes. The pastor and his wife, the teacher and her husband, and the volunteers live here. Days are filled with program planning, interacting with the school kids, and leading the nightly meetings for children whose parents are in addiction recovery meetings. There are opportunities for outreach, leisure around the campus, or hiking on the weekends. 


Quick Info

Average fundraising goal $4,500
Living Allowance $500 per month
Requirements Must have reliable, insured vehicle and valid driver's license. Prefer two student missionaries; they must be the same sex, or a married couple without children.
Language English and Navajo. Knowledge of Navajo language not necessary.
Timeline 10 to 12 months starting in August. There’s potential for negotiation on the start date.


  • Leading nightly kids meetings (VBS style)
  • Home visitations to families– may flex depending on the COVID-19 situation
  • Possibly some teacher’s assistant work at the one-room church school on campus (grading, reading, tutoring, etc.) 

More Info

Volunteers are responsible for cooking most of their meals. The pastor’s wife also cooks meals sometimes. The cooking done here is typically vegan. There is a decent amount of vegetables and fruits at the supermarket. But vegetarian or vegan alternatives for meat or dairy are not available at the store, and some other food group areas are sparse. 

Volunteers live in a mobile home with room for 1-2 volunteers. There are two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, and living room area.