Nile Union Academy (NUA) exists to promote God’s work in the lives of young people. Our mission is to educate young believers to use their head, heart, and hands for God. 

Provide an English education (NAD standards) and leadership abilities. Also, provide mentorship and exposure to different cultures. 


Nile Union Academy is a boarding school with 8th grade through 12th grade. There are two dorms and several campus homes for the teachers on campus, as well as a church that all the staff and students attend on Sabbath. The students have class and work during the day. On Saturday nights, everyone gets out to socialize and play sports. The academy is located in Cairo and volunteers will have the opportunity to go visit the Great Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, and other sights in the area.

Quick Info

Average Fundraising Goal $3,500
Living Allowance $60 US dollars per month
Requirements 1+ years of college experience and an education major is preferred but not required
Language Arabic and English (all students and staff speak decent English)
Timeline Full year and semester options available. School starts in mid-August and goes until late May or early June.
Positions Assistant dean of girls, assistant dean of boys, teacher

More Info

Some meals are provided by the cafeteria but volunteers will have a kitchen they can use to cook their own food. There are markets everywhere to buy fruit and vegetables. Some of the staple food items include rice, bread, beans, and vegetables. There are also restaurants nearby that serve crepes and sandwiches. One restaurant close to NUA sells chicken pasta and koshary, which is an Egyptian dish.

Volunteers live in apartments on campus. All rooms have air conditioning and beds. However, it gets cold in the winter so volunteers should bring a blanket. There is a common kitchen and living room area. The school also has a soccer field, volleyball court, basketball court, and a small gym on campus. There is internet and the school takes tithe and internet out of the monthly stipend.