Healing, Serving, Loving ALL of God’s Children. 


Pagudpud Adventist Wellness Center is a medical clinic located on the northern coast of Luzon Island in the Philippines. It’s just a walk away from the beach in a rural area bustling with locals, food, and churches. The SDA church is right on campus, as well as the living quarters and food pavilion. The capital of the Philippines, Manila, is about a 12-hour bus ride or 2-hour flight away from Pagudpud. 

A missionary at PAWC will work for 8 hours Sunday through Thursday in the clinic, rotating weekly between the ER, lab, dental, radiology, OPD, and pharmacy departments. They will receive training in the first two weeks about the basic procedures that they’ll do in the clinic. After work, missionaries will often go on visitations to see the local families and church members with the pastor of the church or by themselves. They also have opportunities to go to the beach, participate in “crusades,” tutor local students, play basketball or volleyball with locals, cook, or work on outreach programs chosen each month. On Fridays, missionaries are on their day off and may go into the city, Laoag, which is 2 hours away, go on nature hikes to waterfalls, or relax at the compound or beach. Saturdays are busy days spent at Sabbath school, church, AY, and visitations. There are various other activities that SMs will be asked to participate in from time to time as well, especially special music at church or running AY programs. 

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Adventist World Radio (AWR) is looking for individuals to be a part of a unique ministry where they will get in touch with people online, help them find Jesus, and connect them to a local church. Located in Silang, they are looking for dedicated Seventh-day Adventists who want to serve the Lord through social media, digital evangelism, and other digital initiatives. As a volunteer, SMs will work in a team setting and bring their individual talents to the table.

The Southern Asia Pacific Division has a beautiful campus with opportunities for walking, time in the prayer garden, and enjoying nature. Also gym facilities are available, including an outdoor basketball and tennis court.


Quick Info

Average fundraising goal PAWC $6,500 (increasing to $8,500 starting 2024-25)
Living Allowance PAWC $40 a month or 2,000 pesos
Living Allowance AWR $200 a month
Requirements Vaccines aren't required but encouraged, a visa is obtained upon arrival (cost covered by fundraising)
Language English is required. Most in the clinic and a few locals speak English. Ilocano and Tagalog are the local languages spoken.
Timeline September to May
Positions PAWC Medical assistant to the nurses, dentists, doctors, and techs
Positions AWR Digitial Evangelist, Graphic Designer

More Info

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Silang, Cavite, Philippines


There are 3 meals a day cooked in the pavilion for the volunteers and staff. However, you can choose to buy food. White rice is served with every meal, along with a main dish, local vegetables, and sometimes fruit.

Food or meals are not included.

Volunteers will live on the 3rd floor of the clinic. The girls live in one room with 6 beds, and the boys live across the hall in a side room. The medical area is on the 1st floor. The second floor has apartments and will also be used in the future for more medical rooms. Next to the clinic is the food pavilion on the first floor, which is in between the clinic and church. The rooms where the SMs sleep have air conditioning, bedding, and bathrooms with showers. In His Service Amianan (IHSA) hires locals to do volunteers’ laundry to provide jobs in the area.

Volunteers stay in dormitory style rooms in Division-owned housing on campus. Two volunteers will share one room. There are two large common kitchens (one for girls and one for guys), with a refrigerator, stove, oven, and some basic kitchen utensils. There are no married couple accommodations.