Student Forms

Undergraduate Student Forms

To change course enrollment:
Change of Registration - use to add course from 5th-10th day of term, or drop course through 7th week of term. Includes Time Conflict requests.
Late Add Request - use to add course after 10th day of term
Late Drop Request - use to drop course after 7th week of term

Academic Transcript Request
Academic Probation Meeting Form
Appeal for Re-admission
Application for Admission to Consortium Program
Application for Recommendation by Preprofessional Evaluation Committee
Bachelor of Liberal Studies Application
Change of Registration
Changes to Degree Application (Senior Outline)
CommUnity Attendance Reduction Request
CommUnity Attendance Statement of Intent 1
CommUnity Attendance Statement of Intent 2
Credit Overload
Diploma Replacement Request
Disclosure of Student Information Consent  (FERPA)
Enrollment Verification Request
Examination Request (Challenge or Validation)
Final Examination Change Request
Graduating in Absentia
High School Enrichment Program
Local High School Enrichment Program
Incomplete Agreement Request
Extension of Incomplete/IP Agreement Request
Late Add Request
Late Drop Request
Letter of Recommendation Release 
Name Change Request
Non-Matriculated Student Registration Form
NPUC Academy Dual Credit Enrollment
Petition to Academic Standards Committee
Religious Accommodations Request
Specialized Study Application
Time Conflict Clearance Permit
Transfer Course Approval Request
Tuition Refund Request
Undergraduate Academic Symposium Proposal Form
Use of Human Subjects in Research at WWU
Whitman Reciprocal Program Request to Participate
Withdrawal from all classes

Graduate Student Forms

Change of Registration - Use after the second Tuesday of the quarter to request changes to your class schedule. After 10th day, adding a course will be considered a late add. After the 7th week of term dropping a course will be considered a late drop.

Academic Transcript Request
Change of Degree Concentration
Change to Graduate Degree Application
Change of Registration
Diploma Replacement Request
Disclosure of Student Information Consent 
Graduating in Absentia
Incomplete/IP Extension Request
Name Change Request
Overload Request
Petition to Graduate Council
Religious Accommodations Request
Tuition Refund Request
Withdrawal From All Classes
Reference Form
Specialized Study Application


SFS Forms and Applications