Camp Waianae - Hawaii


Camp Waianae operates a non-profit Christian camp for youth in a natural environment and is founded in the belief that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior to all. Teaching this important truth has been the purpose of Camp Waianae since it’s beginnings and has never wavered. Camp Waianae is committed to equipping young people with the essential tools of Christian leadership and exposing them to the beauty of God’s creation through a structured camp program that encourages young people to learn more about themselves, improve their relationships with others, recognize their responsibility to society and build their relationship with God.


Owned and operated by the Hawaii Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Camp Waianae is situated in the rural area of the beautiful island Oahu. It is available for camping, meetings, and retreats. Camp Waianae offers multiple cabins, a kitchen and fellowship hall, an outdoor auditorium, a camp fire area, and swimming pool for rent. During Summer Camp, it also offers archery, crafts, sports, a ropes course, frisbee golf, long-boarding, archaeology, and so much more!

Volunteers would be considered camp assistants and have multiple responsibilities throughout the year. They would report to the Camp Manager or Camp Director and receive directions from them. Tasks might include physical labor, facility maintenance, welcoming guests, etc. Volunteers are expected to perform all tasks to the best of their abilities in a timely manner.

Quick Info

Average fundraising goal $1000
Living Allowance $650 per month
Language English
Timeline August 1 - July 31 preferred but flexible
Positions Camp assistant

More Info

The island of Oahu has restaurants with everyone's favorites! It boasts not only common foods found in the United States but also delicious and local Polynesian cuisine. Volunteers live on campus but are given a stipend to provide for their food expenses and can travel into town when they have free time.

Volunteers live on the camp premises in provided housing.