Assistant Dean at an Adventist Academy in North America


Empower and Disciple other young adults through example and meaningful relationship. 


Boarding school campuses across North America need assistant deans each year to help care for and disciple their dorm students. Campuses can range from 60 to 400 students with a wide range of how many students will be in the dorm. Boarding school campuses can be like a family and provide a cool opportunity to serve and empower high school students just a few years behind you. The details of your role will vary depending on the campus where you serve, but a typical Assistant Dean position fills about 25 hours per week and covers about half the weekends, so there is flexible time for exploring your local area, for hobbies, or for getting involved and helping with extra-curricular activities happening at the school. 

Quick Info

Average fundraising goal $500 + any travel expenses
Living Allowance Approx. $700 a month
Requirements 20+ years preferred, 2+ years of college preferred, and a driver’s license and car that you can bring with you is often preferred.
Language English
Timeline Mid August- Mid June
Positions Assistant Dean of Boys, Assistant Dean of Girls, Grounds/Maintenance

More Info

Hawaiian Mission Academy, Gem State Academy, Monterey Bay Academy, Mount Ellis Adventist Academy, Milo Adventist Academy, Auburn Adventist Academy, Upper Columbia Academy, and many more. 

Meals are provided by the school’s cafeteria. There are often restaurants and grocery stores nearby. 

Accommodations will vary depending on your campus location, however most assistant deans either have a private room or small apartment in the dorm. Amenities will vary as well, but typically include a personal bathroom and maybe a small kitchen. Room and board are included in the position.