Summer Job Opening

Position: Summer School Teacher (3-5 openings)

Dates: end of May to the beginning of August
School is willing to work with students to fit their school schedules

Covered: flights, housing, shared vehicle, $500 monthly stipend for food and necessities


“Live to learn. Live to love. Live to give.”


Saipan SDA School is a K-8 school with around 100 students. The school also operates a child development center for children 18 months to 4 years of age. The school is located just minutes away from the western side of the island overlooking the Philippine Sea with a fleet of US Navy boats on the horizon. Saipan is known for its amazing diving as well as its rich history in WWII. Exploring the island, it is possible to stumble across unused bullets or even larger mortars or shells. With easy access to Asian countries via SPN airport, it is easy and fairly inexpensive to travel abroad to South Korea or Japan for school breaks.

Quick Info

Average fundraising goal $3,700
Living Allowance $500 per month
Requirements 1 year of college experience
Language Chamorro is the local island language, however since it is an American territory, teaching and most business is conducted in English.
Timeline Summer positions are available for summer school and CDC teachers. The SDA school also looks for CDC staff and maintenance/grounds staff to serve during the school year. For the 9-month SMs, there is a required training in Hawaii usually during the first week of August.


  • Summer Program Teachers 

  • Childhood Development Center (CDC) Teachers – ages will depend on availability 

  • CDC Teacher's Aid

  • Maintenance Assistants

  • Grounds Assistants

  • IT Director

More Info

Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

The school is located centrally in Saipan near the downtown tourism area. There are three churches on the island. Central Church near the school, San Antonio church in the San Antonio village on the northern tip of the island, and the Kagman church on the east side of the island.

Student Missionaries are responsible for their own food. There are plenty of different stores on the island that usually have a wide variety of food. Joeten and Triple J food stores usually have a large supply of American food products from cereal to veggie meat. There are also many other more “local” stores that have the typical Asian fare that might be expected.

The school has just recently installed a $75,000 housing project allowing future student missionaries to live on school campus. Installed were three 2-bedroom apartments with a shared bathroom and living room/kitchen area. The school also currently maintains a 6-apartment complex in the village of San Antonio about 3 miles from the school. These apartments have been newly renovated following super typhoon Yutu in 2018.


The school owns several vehicles that are shared between student missionaries for the duration of their stay. The school will take care of the general maintenance but does expect the students to pay for gas.

Island Activities

Saipan boasts a host of activities to engage in during free time. Along with the typical diving, snorkeling, and swimming, the island also has a smaller tourist island that is available to visit. Managaha is a short ferry ride away and tickets are free for Saipan residents. On the island there are nice sandy beaches, many different coral features, as well as options for parasailing and different boating activities. Water sports aren’t your thing? There are many different hiking trails to amazing viewpoints and cultural sights. The island also hosts a monthly men’s basketball league for those 21 and older. If you’re any good, you might even make it into the daily newspaper.