Available in January 2021

Looking for a way to get away from the cold this winter? With several opportunities for teachers on the island of Guam, you can be paid to live on a tropical island! Guam Micronesia Mission is looking for eight Student Missionaries willing to take a few months off to teach high school distance learning classes. While living on the campus of the Guam Micronesia Mission, you would be responsible for the teaching of either English, Science, or Math classes to students on different islands all over the GMM. Aside from teaching, there are many great opportunities to relax including snorkeling, diving, swimming, hiking, suntanning, and drinking out of coconuts!


Guam is the main hub in the Guam Micronesia Mission. Home to the headquarters of GMM as well as JOY FM radio, Guam hosts a PK-12th grade academy, 8 different churches across the island, and a medical and dental clinic that provides a wide range of services. The island also boasts the Simply Food and Adventist Book Center providing the island’s largest all-vegetarian restaurant and grocery store. With a size of only 212 mi2, the ocean is only a short trip away with plenty of opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, diving, parasailing, and exploration of wrecks and sea wildlife.


Quick Info

Average fundraising goal $3,700
Living Allowance $700 per month
Requirements 1 year of college experience, be able to speak English fluently
Language The local island language is Chamorro. However, everyone knows English and it is the common language for teaching and conducting business. You will be teaching in English.
Timeline This call starts at the beginning of January, after Christmas break. Teaching will take place until around the end of May when the schools recess for the summer.


  • High School Math Teacher (x2)

  • High School Science Teacher (x2)

  • High School English Teacher (x4)

More Info

Missionaries are responsible for their own food. There are plenty of options for food on the island. Typically the American style of food will be more expensive and the Asian style will be a bit cheaper. There are many different restaurants on the island of Guam, with the most popular among SMs being the Taco Bell and Panda Express within walking distance from the Mission Housing.

Missionaries will be provided with shared apartments with other missionaries. The apartments are already furnished and have 2 bedrooms which will be shared and then a shared kitchen, living room, and bathroom. There will be up to 4 people per apartment.

In order to access many of the island’s features, the mission will provide a vehicle shared amongst the missionaries. The mission will cover the general operational expenses, but the missionaries are responsible for the fuel.