To be an institution that has clear values built on Christianity and that we are all valuable, created by God for life, fellowship and charity. 


Vejlefjordskolen has approximately 120 students living in the dorms. Volunteers are there for the students, sometimes acting as the middle person between them and the faculty. This is a great opportunity to be a mentor and friend to the students. It is a unique kind of mission where you get to witness to students through your actions, every other month the school has a week-long break that allows volunteers a chance to travel around Denmark and surrounding European countries. 


Quick Info

Average fundraising goal $3,500
Living Allowance Roughly $350 per month
Requirements 1+ years of college experience
Language Primarily English with Danish being the secondary language spoken.
Timeline Student missionaries arrive at the beginning of August and leave at the end of June. The school year also runs from mid-august to the end of June. Every other month has a weeklong break.
Positions Assistant dean of girls and assistant dean of boys

More Info

The school covers all your food expenses while on campus. Meals are provided at the cafeteria on campus. 

Volunteers live on campus in their own dorm room. Bedding, linens, and towels are all provided by the school.