Our goal at Familia Feliz is to provide a Christian-centered, safe, and loving home environment, education, and medical/dental care for children who are orphaned, abandoned, abused, neglected, unwanted, or impoverished. 


Familia Feliz is an orphanage that houses children from the ages of pre-K to 12th grade. There are 6 houses that can each hold up 10 kids. It is located in a jungle close to the tourist town of Rurrenabaque. In town there is a hotel where one can go swim at the pool, hammock, and get access to WiFi on their day off. The locals are very sweet people and it is a safe town. Student missionaries often help teach half a day, take care of the kids the other half, and help with the garden. 


Quick Info

Average fundraising goal $5,500
Living Allowance $100 per month
Requirements 1+ years of college experience and a visa. Specific purpose visas last 6 months but must be applied for 2 months prior to arrival.
Language Spanish
Timeline Full year and semester options available. Student missionaries typically go end of July or beginning of August and come back beginning of June. The school year is from the beginning of February to the beginning of December.


  • Teacher/House Parent

    • Student missionaries will be responsible for lesson planning and teaching assigned classes. Outside of classes, SMs are house parents for the children in their home. This involves waking the kids up, getting them ready for school, disciplining them, cooking the meals, helping them with homework, putting them to bed, and anything else the kids need. 

More Info

Volunteers are responsible for cooking for themselves and the kids in their house. The food is provided by the homes. All the food they cook is vegetarian and consists of rice, beans, eggs, vegetables, lentils, and some papayas, bananas, and apples. 

Volunteers live in houses with the children as their house parents. They will have their own room separate from the children where they may share a room with one or two other staff members. There is a small kitchen area with a sink, stove, dishes, and other necessary appliances. Student missionaries will have access to a staff only washer and dryer on campus with a monthly payment of $5. 

It’s a good idea to bring a few of your own supplies for the classroom. Printing paper, dry erase markers, and other supplies are limited at the location. Bringing mosquito nets is also highly recommended. Stipend money is usually spent on going into town, classroom supplies, paying for data on phone, the monthly laundry charge, and necessities like toilet paper.