Mission Opportunities

We want to keep you safe as you pursue the call God has set upon your heart. Below, locations are labeled with colored borders to show how feasible of a mission opportunity each call is at this time.

Green: Currently an approved location for 2021-22.
Yellow: More likely to be an approved location for 2021-22.
Orange: Less likely to be an approved location for 2021-22.
Red: Not likely an approved location for 2021-22.

See how we have been monitoring travel and health information to determine the likelihood of you being a student missionary in each location.

Calls by Location

Take a look at our student missionary opportunities around the world.

Calls by Position

Travel and Health Information

We have been closely monitoring the following information.

Keep up to date with the latest travel advisories from the USDOS.

This regularly updated world map shows COVID-19 travel regulations.

This website provides travel and health information specific to each country. To log in to International SOS, please use Membership Number 11BCAM749125.

Event Details

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