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WWU music program archive

The programs created for various music performances are provided here for you to download. Please contact the music department if you wish to access programs created before the 2016–2017 academic year. 


August 18, 2017—Senior Recital—Krishawn Woodbury, cello
July 21, 2017—Walla Walla Suzuki Institute Final Repertoire Concert
July 20, 2017—Walla Walla Suzuki Institute Elective and Ensemble Recital
July 19, 2017—Walla Walla Suzuki Institute Honors Recital
June 10, 2017—Evensong
June 9, 2017—Music Minor Recital—Johnel Lagabon, violin
June 9, 2017—Student Recital—Noel Jabagat, violin
June 9, 2017—Music Minor Recital—Abigail Wissink, mezzo-soprano, and Johanna Chevrier, soprano
June 8, 2017—Senior Recital—Talea Shupe, flute
June 8, 2017—Music Minor Recital—Sophia Rich, soprano, and Brandan Patchett, baritone
May 31, 2017—Big Band Concert
May 30, 2017—Music at 7:  Student Recital 
May 25, 2017—Conductors' Concert
May 24, 2017—Community Music Lessons Recital
May 23, 2017—Sweet RADish String Quartet
May 20, 2017—Spring Choral Concert
May 13, 2017—Evensong
May 7, 2017—Steel Band Concert
April 29, 2017—Alleluias and Meditations—Wind Symphony Concert
April 28, 2017—Alumni Homecoming Vespers—PRISM Concert
April 28, 2017—Piano Vespers
April 23, 2017—Guest and Faculty Recital—The Park Duo
April 21, 2017—Voice Master Class—So Young Park
April 18, 2017—Music at 7:  Student Recital
April 4, 2017—The Many Faces of Love
March 16-26, 2017—I Cantori Spring Tour
March 6, 2017—I Cantori Benefit Concert
March 5, 2017—Music Minor Recital—Chloe Mallory, mezzo-soprano
March 4, 2017—Choir and Orchestra Concert
March 1, 2017—Community Music Lessons Recital
February 28, 2017—Guest Recital—Trio Nova Mundi
February 25, 2017—Guest Recital—Douglas Cleveland, organ
February 21, 2017—Music at 7:  Student Recital
February 16-19, 2017—I Cantori Winter Tour
February 15-19, 2017—Steel Band Tour
February 11, 2017—Honor Band Festival Concert
February 10, 2017—Music Department Vespers Concert
February 7, 2017—Guest Recital—Jared Hiscock, baritone, and Anne Schilperoort, piano
January 31, 2017—Music at 7:  Student Recital
December 9, 2016—Christmas Concert—"Christmas Joy"
December 7, 2016—Holiday Concert—Steel Band and Big Band
December 3, 2016—Evensong
November 15, 2016—Music at 7:  Student Recital
October 29, 2016—Symphony Orchestra Concert
October 22, 2016—Evensong
October 8, 2016—Faculty Recital—Kraig Scott, organ

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