Shortlinks are brief, memorable, and readable redirects that provide quick and convenient access to frequently referenced content on the WWU website. They can be used to easily reference online content verbally, in email, or in print. Below are a selection of frequently used WWU shortlinks. This is not an exhaustive list. Please contact with questions.

Quick tip:

To quickly find the shortlink you're looking for on this page:

  1. On your keyboard, hold "Control" (or "Command") and "F."
  2. Type the keyword you are looking for in the browser search bar that appears.

New students

You may find these shortlinks useful when corresponding with prospective students or their parents:

Academic departments

Use these shortlinks to quickly direct others to the appropriate academic department website:

Academic resources

These shortlinks may come in handy when developing syllabi or advising students:


There are a number of resources for alumni that can be accessed via these shortlinks:


Shortlinks directing to parent resources:

Campus life

These shortlinks provide instant access to information about regular, major events:

Campus resources

Shortlinks connecting you to non-academic services and departments: