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Where numbers come to life

Mathematics is a language that allows you to abstract and solve the essence of problems in any discipline. Math trains the mind to think rigorously and carefully. It provides tools to untangle and process information in a problem. These are great skills to have in and out of mathematics!  

The Department of Mathematics at WWU is large enough to have faculty with expertise from a broad range of mathematical specialties but small enough for students to foster personal relationships with faculty and their fellow students. We have a long tradition of excellence in mathematics and teaching.  The faculty consciously strive to excel in the classroom, employing a wide range of teaching methodologies and practices. 

This is where you want to get your math degree.

Student Spotlight

Meet Carlos Rodriguez-Munoz. In 2021, Carlos graduated from WWU with a degree in math and is now a people data analyst at New Relic. While reflecting on his college experience, Carlos said he “felt really prepared for this role because of the amazing professors I had at Walla Walla!” Follow along as he takes us through a day in his life!

College Experience

What will your college experience look like as a math major?

Math events: From the annual spring sidewalk chalk theorem contest (pictured above) to Pi Day treats and contests, to departmental gatherings that help you get to know your classmates and your professors, our tight-knit department creates a fun and supportive atmosphere for learning.  

Mathematical Associations: We actively sponsor our students for membership in the Mathematical Association of America. We also encourage engagement with national societies such as the American Mathematical Society, Association for Women in Mathematics, National Association of Mathematicians, and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, providing valuable resources and networking opportunities. 

Annual Scholarship for Proficiency in Financial Mathematics: This scholarship is designed to recognize and reward students for pursuing and passing professional financial credentialing examinations prior to graduation. Students will receive a $2,000 scholarship for each professional financial credentialing examination they complete prior to their undergraduate graduation from WWU. 

Career Path

What can your career path as a math major look like?

A mind that is trained in mathematics will excel in numerous careers. Mathematics is a critical component of many fields of research including climatology, medicine, national security, robotics, animation, sports data, and more. Some of our math majors prepare for careers in actuarial science where they will assess risk at insurance or investment companies. Many math majors prepare for careers in teaching or complete pre-professional programs for further study in medicine or law. Others apply their analytical skills in related fields such as engineering, business, or computer programming. And some students choose math as a second major while they prepare for careers in music or visual arts. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 28% growth in math occupations from 2020 to 2030. The American Mathematical Society references more helpful career information on their website.


News & Updates

Graduation weekend 2023
June 06, 2023

Graduation weekend 2023

Doug Tilstra, vice president of student life, to give commencement address

New master's in engineering
April 26, 2023

New master's in engineering

Edward F. Cross School of Engineering launches master's program

Summer math experience
October 06, 2022

Summer math experience

Student participates in paid program for potential graduate students in math


Tutor certification
September 09, 2021

Tutor certification

WWU Student Development Center certified by national tutor training program

We care
March 24, 2021

We care

WWU stands in support of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities