Everything has a past

By combining personal mentoring and new research technologies, the Department of History and Philosophy helps students get ahead in the 21st century while studying the centuries that came before. Our program emphasizes critical thinking, writing and researching, data and information processing, and public speaking—all skills needed in the modern marketplace.

If you study history at Walla Walla University you will:

  • Think critically
  • Write well
  • Read carefully
  • Have great career options
  • Be part of a community that will prepare you exceptionally well for the rest of your life

Students of history and philosophy have a wide range of career options after graduating.

  • attorneys/lawyers
  • museum curators
  • business administrators
  • professors
  • secondary teachers
  • researchers
  • and more ...

See what some of our recent graduates are up to.


In addition to reputable and published professors, students also gain access to historians and professionals in other industries. The Department of History and Philosophy regularly brings in colloquium speakers to present on their areas of expertise and dialogue with students. View colloquium speakers.

History Club

History Club is a student led and run organization for any WWU student interested in history. The club organizes social and educational activities as well as community-building and service events through out the year. The club provides an informal way to get to know your fellow classmates and professors better. Learn more about how to join History Club.


The Department of History and Philosophy maintains relationships with local historical organizations that provide students with the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.

Faculty and students within the Department of History and Philosophy are active in academic research.

View faculty publications.

View student senior research papers.

Graduates from our department go on to a variety of challenging and rewarding professions.  Learn more about what some of them are up to and why they value their Walla Walla University history education.

See how a degree from the Department of History and Philosophy has helped these students succeed.