Department of Visual Arts

Explore the exciting world of visual arts

Dive into a collaborative environment where students and professors search for new ways of seeing our world. Get the training you need to master the mediums of your choice. Discover and refine your creative identity. Cross-train in a variety of specialties to increase your employment opportunities, with classes on ceramics and video animation and everything in between. Work together on individual and department-wide projects. Take advantage of study-travel options. Make connections with professional artists and industry leaders who will help you chart your path to success!

Our goal is to prepare you for a fulfilled life as visual artists and for employment in a variety of exciting careers. We place great value on the collaborative aspect of our program, and seek to discover and encourage each other’s unique creative voices.

Be you. Be here. Become.

College Experience

What will your college experience look like as a visual arts major?

Collaborate and create: As a freshman, you will start with six foundational courses that outline art and design practices, keys to visual storytelling, and some foundational skills as well. While a sophomore, you’ll begin to focus on studio experiences which allow you to home in on your interests while being challenged and mentored by your professors. As a visual arts student, you will learn to develop effective ideas, collaborate with others, and bring your projects to life.

Outside the studio: You can join The Factory, a student club for all things creative. As a junior or senior, you’ll be eligible for an internship. Working, and often getting paid, as an intern helps you learn what the job market is like and builds your portfolio while providing valuable professional connections.

Career Path

What can your career path as a visual arts major look like?

There are many paths available to those with creativity and sound artistic skills. Visual artistry is a critical component of many fields including filmmaking, theater, web design, graphic design, fine art, museum or gallery management, interior design, photography, and more.

Many entry level jobs in these fields require some college education or a bachelor’s degree ( Are you still considering career options? Check this list of jobs you could land with a degree in the visual arts.

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