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Building a business takes knowledge, work, and connections. At WWU, you are equipped with highly-transferable skills and a comprehensive business education founded on a framework of Christian values and ethics. You gain a competitive advantage in a challenging, professional environment thanks to real-world experiences and expert, caring professors.  You will commit to lives of service and integrity and aspire to make a profound positive impact in the world.

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Watch a day in the life of Isac, Courtney, and Nyasha as they complete summer internships.

College Experience

What will your college experience look like?

Competitive advantage: Caring professors will challenge you to learn business concepts exceptionally well. On average, our seniors score higher than those at nine-out-of-ten other business schools on a comprehensive exit exam (Major Field Test in Business). You’ll also have access to Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, CostCo, and Boeing, for tours and internships. In addition, you can learn about global ways of doing business by participating in our international study tour.  Our main degrees (BBA, BS, and BA) are externally-validated by ACBSP, a world leader in mission-based accreditation with a focus on teaching excellence, so you can rest assured that our program meets high-quality standards and your degree is broadly recognized..

Close community: Business students enjoy a personal learning experience in small-sized classes in which you get to know your professors and peers well. You will have the opportunity to practice your leadership skills in student-led organizations such as our award-winning Enactus Club, active Business Club, and ASWWU. You will also enjoy spiritual retreat weekends at our beautiful Rosario Beach campus and learn from Christian entrepreneurs and leaders.  

Real-world experience: Every business major completes an internship before graduation in which you experience hands-on learning and develop a network of professional contacts who will help launch your career. You will enjoy presentations by notable business leaders and entrepreneurs, giving you direct exposure to cutting edge topics and marketplace insights. An annual entrepreneurial contest, U-Pitch, will allow you to compete for the best new business ideas and win over $10,000 of prize money. 

Career Paths

What will your career path look like?

Finding your calling: Business majors across the country earn six of the top ten college degrees in demand (per NACE). The range of jobs available to business majors ensures you can find a good match for your strengths and skills.  At WWU, you can choose a program in a variety of areas that will help launch your career, as you commit to a life of service and integrity and make a positive difference in your community and world.

Placement: At WWU, you will join over 97% of other business graduates who begin careers or graduate programs within one year of graduation, on average.  WWU grads land excellent jobs in accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing, global development, information systems, and more. Also, a business degree can closely complement other interests such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, aviation, and automotive services, where knowledge about running a business is invaluable. In addition, WWU grads are well-prepared to pursue advanced graduate education, such as WWU's Master of Business Administration program.

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