WWU Vehicle Policy

Walla Walla University is committed to providing a safe, organized learning and working environment for students, faculty and staff. Through this Walla Walla University Vehicle Policy, we intend to protect pedestrians, promote safe vehicle operation, and to facilitate organized traffic flow and parking on our campuses.

Vehicle use is defined as use or possession of a motor vehicle, including motor scooters, motor bikes, motorcycles, automobiles and trailers. Those who use vehicles on our campus are responsible for their safe operation, and for understanding and adhering to WWU’s Vehicle Policy.

The Vehicle Policy applies to all students, faculty, staff, contractors and guests of WWU. No vehicles operating on our campuses are exempt from the Vehicle Policy.

Campus parking and traffic regulations comply with state motor vehicle laws and local ordinances. “No parking” areas include, but are not limited to curb areas at crosswalks, loading zones, service vehicle zones, assigned or reserved spaces, walks, planted or seeded areas, 15-foot spaces around fire hydrants, areas around trash/garbage collection sites, uncurbed areas, and posted "no parking" areas.

These regulations are in effect on all WWU properties, including all campus roads, streets, parking areas, improved or unimproved areas, and athletic fields.

Campus Security reserves the right to modify parking rules or regulations as needed, to change the allocation of parking spaces when necessary, and to make exceptions as appropriate. Campus Security may need to close a parking area for a special event, safety reasons, or for repair. In these cases, Campus Security will notify our campus community as much as possible.

Vehicle use is a privilege and may be suspended or revoked by university authorities in matters of discipline.

A. No unlicensed or improperly licensed vehicle may operate on WWU campuses. It is the responsibility of the owner/operator to ensure that their motor vehicle is properly licensed and insured per state laws.

B. Maximum speed on WWU campuses is 10 miles per hour. All stop signs, directional arrows, or other traffic indicators are to be observed at all times.

C. No unauthorized motor vehicles, including motorcycles and scooters, shall be operated on WWU walkways intended for foot traffic, or on any lawns or other seeded areas.

D. Anybody operating a vehicle on WWU properties may be required to show identification.

E. No major motor repair may be done on WWU campuses, except in locations approved by residence hall deans.

F. No items that are disapproved for possession by a student in their WWU residence may be kept in a student vehicle.

G. WWU assumes no liability for items lost, damaged or stolen while on WWU property, including but not limited to vehicles and/or their contents.

H. Without prior approval, no disabled or inoperative vehicle shall be parked on WWU campuses in excess of 30 days. Such vehicles are to be parked in an area approved by Campus Security, and they are not to be left in areas of normal traffic or parking. Unless prior arrangements have been made with Campus Security, vehicles left unattended for extended periods may be subject to tow at the risk and expense of their owners.

I. State-issued ADA parking permits are required at all times to park in WWU’s handicapped spaces. Requests for other parking accommodations may be made to Campus Security.

J. WWU reserves the right to issue citation and/or tow any unregistered, or illegally or improperly parked vehicles, or vehicles that have multiple unpaid parking tickets, at the risk and expense of the owner/operator.

A.   Parking Assignments.

A.1.Faculty and Staff.

a) May park in any day-use lot marked with an alphabet letter on a green (light or dark) parking sign. Overnight parking is prohibited in these lots.

b) May not park in any lot marked with an orange (light or dark) or black parking sign.

c) Street parking is permitted, see 4.c below.


A.2.  Residence Hall Students.

a) Women who reside in WWU residence halls must park in lots with a light orange parking sign (N, R, Q, S).

b) Men who reside in WWU residence halls must park in lots with a dark orange parking sign (K, L, M, O). 

c) Residence hall students may not park in any day-use lot marked with a green (light or dark) or black parking sign. 

d) Street parking is permitted, see 4.c below.

A.3.  Sodexo Employees.

a) May park in lot X or in Davis School parking stalls closest to Kellogg Hall. Overnight parking is prohibited in these lots.

b) Street parking is permitted, see 4.c below.

A.4.  Village Students.

a) Day-use parking for village students is available only in lots marked with a light green parking sign (B, C, G, H, J, U, T, 1-6). Overnight parking is prohibited, with the exception of lots 1-6. Students who live in WWU apartments may park, day or night, in their corresponding parking lots marked with number on a light green parking sign (1-6).

b)   Street parking is permitted, see 4.c below.

A.5.  Visitors/Guests.

a) May park in any lot marked with a green (light or dark) parking sign, or lot W.

b) Guests may park overnight in lot A or lots 1-6 because of proximity to their campus lodging.

c) Street parking is permitted, see 4.c below.

B. Parking fees.

Students who who bring vehicles to our campus during their time at WWU will pay a parking fee of $45 at the time of registration, which will be valid during that current school year. Parking fees will fund parking lot improvements, parking registration costs and security/parking enforcement costs.


C. Street parking.

Street parking is permitted in adherence with City of College Place regulations, street markings and posted signs, including the following near-campus locations:

C.1.1. Davis Avenue, east of the Winter Educational Complex.

C.1.2. Bade Avenue, in front of the WWU Church.

C.1.3. 1stAvenue, north of Sittner Hall.

C.1.4. Bade Avenue, west of Rigby Hall.

D. Vehicle registration.

All students, faculty and staff are required to register their vehicles at least yearly with Campus Security within 48 hours of arriving on campus. When new or alternate motor vehicles are used between annual registrations, it is the responsibility of the operator to register the new vehicle with Campus Security within 48 hours of bringing it to campus. Registration is online at wallawalla.edu/vehicle-registration. Failure to register a vehicle could result in citations and/or towing at the risk and expense of the owner/operator. 


E. Vehicle registration stickers.

Registered vehicles will be issued a color-coordinated vehicle registration sticker corresponding with their appropriate parking lot assignments. Failure to register a vehicle and/or display the appropriate registration sticker on the vehicle may result in citations and/or towing at the risk and expense of the owner/operator. 


F. Violation appeals.

Violation fines may be appealed anytime online or during regular business hours at Campus Security’s office. All appeal requests are reviewed by the Director of Campus Security who, if necessary, may confer with university administration before rendering a decision. All appeal decisions are considered final.


G. Violation fines.

Fines are issued to any vehicle found in violation of the WWU Vehicle Policy (wallawalla.edu/security, “WWU Vehicle Policy”). Fines must be paid within two weeks of the date issued, or:

G.1.1. For students, the entire amount of the citation plus a $15 late fee will be charged to the student’s WWU account, and/or an academic hold may be placed on the student’s account, and any right to appeal the violation will be forfeited.

G.1.2. For WWU employees, the entire amount of the citation plus a $15 late fee will be deducted from the employee’s paycheck (second paycheck of the month following the delinquent citation’s two-week payment period), and any right to appeal the violation will be forfeited.

Fees or fines paid in coins must be rolled. Ignorance of regulations or lack of parking space will not be considered a defense for parking violations. Campus Security officers issuing a violation are not expected to find or read regulations, consider notes of explanation left on vehicles, or to accept money. Violation fines include:

G.1.3. Blocking access areas (such as fire lanes, hydrants, loading zones, service areas, trash pick-up sites) = $50

G.1.4. Failure to register a vehicle = $35

G.1.5. Failure to display vehicle parking permit = $15

G.1.6. Failure to show identification when requested by Campus Security officer = $75

G.1.7. Miscellaneous violations = $25

G.1.8. Moving violations (obvious speeding more than 10 miles per hour, driving/riding on sidewalk, failure to observe a stop sign, reckless driving, going wrong way on street) = $50

G.1.9. Parking violations (parking outside of assigned lot or in “no parking” areas, parking longer than posted limit, parking in yellow curb areas or areas not designated for parking, parking in a reserved space) = $25

G.1.10. Tampering with a parking permit or license plate = $75

G.1.11. Unauthorized placement or removal of traffic cones placed by Campus Security = $35

G.1.12. Unauthorized parking in ADA/handicapped spot = $75

Student parking is provided in the Adventist Medical Center employee parking lot located behind the dormitory. Students’ cars must be registered when the student arrives on campus for the first time or whenever students change vehicles or license plates. An Adventist Health parking sticker is required. Students may also park on the north side of Market Street, but this is not as safe as the employee parking lot. Do not park on the south side (residential side) of Market Street, as there is an agreement between the hospital and the neighbors that cars will not be parked in front of those homes.

The small parking lot in front of the dormitory is for short-term visitors only. Student cars in the visitor’s lot in front of Hansen Hall dormitory or in any hospital visitor parking lot will be ticketed.  Fines must be paid before subsequent registration.

Fines are $10 for each ticket. Fines double to $20 if not paid within two weeks. Fines cannot be changed to the school bill.

Parking at clinical agencies varies according to each agency policy. Students are responsible for any parking tickets received at agencies for parking inappropriately.

Parking assignments

LotColorLocationParking forNumber of slots
A Dark green East of Havstad Faculty/Staff/Guest 69
B Light green Between Smith/Rigby Faculty/Staff/Guest/Village 48
C Light green West of Rigby Faculty/Staff/Guest/Village 44
D Dark green Around Powerhouse Faculty/Staff/Guest 17
E Dark green South of Sittner, downhill from Bowers Faculty/Staff/Guest 30
F Dark green South of Kretschmar/Chan Shun Pavilion Faculty/Staff/Guest 28
G Light green Between Haffner/Risk and Safety Faculty/Staff/Guest/Village 40
H Light green South of church Faculty/Staff/Guest/Village 37
I Dark Green West of CTC Faculty/Staff/Guest 62
J Light green North of Church Faculty/Staff/Guest/Village 80
T Light green South of Chaplain's office Faculty/Staff/Guest/Village 10
U Light green In front of bookstore/clinic Faculty/Staff/Guest/Village 14
V Dark green Around Village Hall Faculty/Staff/Guest 21
W Black Behind Admin Building Guests/ADA 6
X Black Immediately east of Kellogg Sodexo employees 6
Davis School Kellogg employees/Guests
LotColorLocationParking forNumber of slots



West of Sittner

Men's dorm




North of Smith Hall

Men's dorm




North of Rental Properties

Men's dorm




North of Kellogg Hall

Women's dorm




Across from Faculty Court

Men's dorm




North of Conard

Women's dorm




West of Ash Ave.

Women's dorm




Immediately south of Foreman

Women's dorm




Behind Chaplain?s office

Women's dorm



Light green

Mountain View apartments

WWU village



Light green

Birch Street apartments

WWU village



Light green

Faculty Court apartments

WWU village



Light green

University Studios apartments

WWU village/guests



Light green

2-story Hallmark

WWU village


Light green

1-story Hallmark

WWU village

LotColorLocationParking forNumber of slots



Facility Services


East of WEC



In front of Church



North of Sittner Hall



West of Rigby



Express parking