Network and phones

The Infrastructure and Services team is responsible for maintaining campus connectivity to the outside world. Our primary responsibilities include the following areas:

  • Campus Internet
  • Campus WiFi
  • Campus VPN
  • Office Phones
  • Campus Cell Phones

Campus Network

The Walla Walla University campus network consists of a 10GB internet feed that is relayed to most main campus buildings. Ethernet connections and WiFi are present in all campus buildings and University housing.

Desktop Phones

Walla Walla University provides, services, and supports desktop phones at employee's desks across all campuses. If you experience problems that cannot be resolved using the information on this page please contact the Help Desk.

Cell Phones

Walla Walla University provides cell phones to employees who require mobile service to adequately complete their job functions.  The University cell phone policy establishes procedures by which the Information Technology department will distribute, service, and support University-supplied cell phones and service.

Please contact Duane Anderson if you have questions regarding your University-supplied cell phone.