Enterprise Software Applications

The Enterprise Software Group within IT builds and maintains many software applications for the use of WWU students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The Enterprise Software Group is responsible for maintaining our online systems and databases. Our primary responsibilities include the following areas:

  • Office 365
  • myWWU
  • HighPoint
  • Apply Website
  • PeopleSoft


The Apply website is the online application service for both potential undergraduate and graduate students. If you have trouble with the website or have questions about your application please contact Marketing and Enrollment Services at (800) 541-8900.



PeopleSoft is the primary academic and business system for the university. It's at the heart of things like student admissions, class registration, advisement, grades, financial aid, and payroll. It is the back-end service for sites such as myWWU and Highpoint.


myWWU is the entry portal for PeopleSoft and HighPoint student information tools. It allows students, faculty and staff to access information about things like housing, meals, timecard, and more.


HighPoint is the mobile-friendly front-end for PeopleSoft. It is especially helpful for editing, viewing, and adding classes.

Feature Matrix


Click here to see what you can do in myWWU, PeopleSoft and HighPoint






Use any internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari

Designed for mobile devices


View account transactions

Add classes (enrollment)


View or change address


Advisor information


Campus buildings


View your class schedule

Class search




CommUnity Attendance



Course Catalog


Course History 3

Degree Audit



Drop classes (enrollment)


View and change your email addresses


Emergency contacts


Emergency notification (e2Campus)




Enrollment dates


Enrollment verification




Ethnicity selection


View Financial Aid



Financial clearance



Financial transactions

Grades (quarter)


Health TB Questions





Home address


Home phone


Housing off-campus address





Majors, minors, etc.


Campus map



Meal Plan Initial Selection




Mail Plan change



Update preferred name


Parking map



Parents/sponsors permission 




View paycheck



Make a payment

Perkins Promissory note signing



Phones:home, school and cell


Planner (enrollment)


Progress Reports, Academic



Shopping Cart (enrollment)


Student Center



Swap classes



To Do Items


Official transcript




Unofficial transcript



Transfer Credit Report


Village Housing Address



Village Housing Waitlist



Waitlist (classes)



  1. Meal plan selection and Village Housing address entry in HighPoint is only available during financial clearance. 
  2. Official transcripts are processed by transcript service company, SCRIP-Safe. 
  3. The course history report in PeopleSoft can optionally show courses from the academic planner. 
  4. Enrollment verification in PeopleSoft is a link to the National Student Clearinghouse. 
  5. Emergency notification is processed by a service provider e2Campus. 
  6. Parent/sponsor permissions is available through payment system.