Your Information Technology Team

Duane Anderson

Director of Information Technology

(509) 527-2895 |

Responsibilities: Administration of Information Technology Department and PeopleSoft - HR, Payroll & Financials Support

John Brunton

Enterprise Software Engineer

Responsibilities: John is primarily responsible for the Slate to PeopleSoft Integration.

Greg Cornell

Linux Systems Administrator

(509) 527-2994 |

Responsibilities: Greg is our campus expert when it comes to UNIX and Linux architecture. He maintains the majority of our campuses back end academic systems and hardware, including our STEM lab.

Matthew DeChance

ERP PeopleSoft Systems and Database Administrator

(509) 527-2587 |

Responsibilities: Matthew administers servers and databases which host PeopleSoft and related systems, and writes operational support integrations/automations.

Paul Harvey

Network and Communication Manager

(509) 527-2949 |

Responsibilities: Paul is in charge of all campus network, wireless and communication systems.

Craig Kyle

Windows Systems and Active Directory Administrator

(509) 527-2292 |

Responsibilities: Craig is our Microsoft systems expert. He is responsible for administering Active Directory, SharePoint, Windows desktops, and Windows servers.

Bradon Ladd

Software Engineer

Responsibilities: Bradon designs and implements new PeopleSoft systems, maintains current ones, and works with faculty and students to meet their PeopleSoft needs.

Ethan Myers

Communications & Help Desk Manager

(509) 527-2271 |

Responsibilities: Ethan is in charge of the department's student employee workforce and is responsible for overseeing all Help Desk operations.

McCloud Reynolds

Enterprise Software Engineer

(509) 527-2436 |

Responsibilities: McCloud designs new enterprise software systems and performs maintenance work on existing software systems.