Club Finances

The Accounting Office is available to answer questions related to club accounts, reimbursements, and charges. Make sure your treasurer or financial officer communicates with the Accounting Office for an up-to-date account balance. If your club has a purchasing card, it is strongly recommended that you use it for all purchases.

Withdrawal – To withdraw funds up to $500 from student club accounts, submit the Club Withdrawal Request Form to the Cashier's office. Please allow 24 hours for the cash to be available for pickup.

Invoice Payment – For invoices under $500, submit the invoice with two club officers’ signatures and the club’s accounting information (309329-AG{club number}-71) to the Accounts Payable office.

For invoices over $500, submit the invoice with one club officer signature and the club’s sponsor signature and the club's accounting information (309329-AG{club number}-71) to the Accounts Payable office. If you have any questions regarding Invoice Payments checks*, please contact

*Checks will be processed every Thursday for all check requests and invoices that have been received by noon on Wednesday. Check Requests and invoices marked “hold for pickup” will generally be available for pick up every Monday morning at the Cashier's Desk.

Reimbursement – To reimburse club officers or sponsors for club expenses, submit a completed Club Reimbursement Request Form along with original receipts to the Cashier’s office for each individual receiving a reimbursement. All Reimbursements will be paid through your BankMobile Disbursements Preference.


Tip:  Rather than spending your own money, you can:
   1.    Request the business to supply you with an invoice to pay;
   2.    Deliver invoice (with signatures and account coding) to the Cashier before 12:00pm on Wednesday; and finally
   3.    A Club Officer (or designee) may pick up the check Monday.

   Or request the Sponsor to use the WWU Purchasing Card.

Presenter Fee – To request a check for an event presenter, submit this Check Request Form to


Club Withdrawal Request Form  (up to $500 cash)

Check Request Form (For invoice payments)

Club Reimbursement Request Form (reimbursement for club expenses already paid)

Additional Club Request (to be involved in more than 3 clubs