Payment System Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to use and navigate the the payment system as a student user, parent user, or guest user.

As a Guest

1. As a guest, you will not be able to save any payment information or see student account information, but you can still make payments to students' accounts. First, enter the ID number and last name of the student whose account you want to pay to.

2. Next, enter in the amount you would like to pay, and to which accounts, the payment information, and billing address.

To be able to save payment methods and keep a log of payments made, create an account.

3. Confirm the payment method and amount, and receive your receipt.


1. All students who have a University login will automatically have a login to the payment system. You can sign in by clicking "Sign In," and signing in using your myWWU login credentials.

2. From there, you have the option to make a payment to your own account, or another account. To make a payment to another account, enter in the ID number and last name for that student.

3. Next, enter in the payment amounts and accounts that you want to make payments to. Then choose a payment method and enter in the billing address.

Payment methods can be saved by clicking "Remember payment method" when making a payment, or by going to "Account > Payment Methods" and clicking "Add Payment Method."

4. The last step is to Confirm the payment, and receive the receipt.

To allow a parent or other payer to see your account in order to make payments, add them as an authorized payer by going to "Account > Authorized Payers" enter in their information, and click "Authorize."

An email will be sent them, notifying that you added them as an authorized payer, and then they can either see your account settings with their existing account, or create an account with the email you entered for them. See the Payer authorization tutorial for more information on how to authorize a parent or other user to see account information to make payments.

As a Parent

(or any other non-student account)

You can skip to step 4 if you already have an account, and are already an authorized payer for your student.

1. As an authorized payer, you will be able to see how much is due on your student's account, and select your student's account to pay into more easily. It is not necessary to become authorized, but it will make the payment process more smooth.

To become an authorized payer for a student, the student will need to add you in their own account, and then you will receive an email notifying you that you have been added. See the Payer authorization tutorial for a more intensive walk-through on how to become authorized.

2. Parents do not have automatically created accounts, so you will need to click either the "Sign Up" or "Create an account" link to create an account. From there, they will need to enter in their Email, name, and password to register.

3. The next step to creating account for the first time is to verify the email address. Do this by going to the email you entered, and clicking the link in the email. The following screen will show after registering for an account, and the email can be resent if necessary.

4. After verifying your email address, you will be taken to your profile on the WWU payment page. Next, you can either Make a Payment add a Payment method first, then make a payment.

Adding a payment method will save it for later use so you don't have to type in the information every time. You can also add a payment method as you make a payment, by clicking "Remember payment method."

5. Lastly, fill out the payment amount, accounts, method, and billing address, then click "Proceed to Confirmation" to get receipt and to confirm payment. If you are not an authorized payer for your student, your screen will not show the amounts due to your students' account as shown below. Refer to the Payer authorization tutorial to get authorized.

You can also pay through automatic or recurring payments. Steps 6 - 8 outline how to set up these types of payments. 

6. Automatic payments or recurring payments can make the payment process easier by sending in payments with less effort. To set these up, go to "Account > Payment Plans" and click on "New Payment Plan."

Next, choose either automatic or recurring.

Automatic will make a payment of whatever is owed in the account you have chosen when the account is positive. (See step 7 for Automatic)

Recurring will make payments on a recurring date of a set amount of money. (See step 8 for Recurring)

7. To make an automatic payment, first, choose the person's account that they will be made to. Next, choose the type of payment in their account you want the automatic payment to go to, for example, Student Account Payment or Aviation Payment. Last, choose a Payment Method. If you don't have a payment method set up yet, you can set one up by clicking on the "Payment Methods" link on the left or below. Once everything is filled out, click "Create."

8. For a recurring payment, select the student account, and the item in the account that you would like the recurring payment to be made to. Next, choose how often and when you want the payment to be made. Last, enter in a dollar amount, and choose a payment method. If you don't see a payment method, you will need to create a new one by clicking on the "Payment Methods" link.