Student Learning Outcomes

Mission statement: We are a collective of visual artists who are teaching, learning, and being inspired by each other and the world around us.  Our goal is to prepare students for a fulfilled life as a visual artist and for employment in a variety of exciting careers.  We place great emphasis on the collaborative and creative aspects of our program and seek to discover and encourage each other’s unique creative voices. 

Visual Arts student learning outcomes: 

  1. Create original art in various forms: Students will exhibit functional competence in the areas of fine art, graphic design, and film. They will demonstrate the principles of visual organization, including the ability to work with visual elements in two and three dimensions, color theory, and drawing. 
  2. Demonstrate historical and contemporary art knowledge: Students will critically analyze and compare different historical art movements and their impact on contemporary practices in written or video essays, oral presentations, and poster presentations. 
  3. Engage in critical and ethical analysis of art: Students will conduct at least two case studies analyzing the ethical considerations of art creation, particularly focusing on emerging areas like generative artificial intelligence. These studies will include recommendations or reflections on ethical art creation. 
  4. Develop professional practices and collaboration: Students will participate in at least one internship and one large collaborative project culminating in a publicly presented work or exhibition.  
  5. Exhibit purpose-driven technical proficiency: Students will create a portfolio demonstrating their skills and unique artistic vision. This public exhibition will include elements of an artists’ creative identity, purpose, and engagement with society. 


Fine Art B.F.A. student learning objective: 

  • Create original fine art: Students will develop and complete a body of work consisting of at least 10 pieces that demonstrate originality, concept development, and effective storytelling. 


Film B.F.A. student learning objectives: 

  • Create original films: Students will develop and complete at least four substantial projects within documentary and/or narrative fiction film that demonstrate originality, concept development, and effective storytelling. 

  • Connect technique to story: Students will utilize technical elements of craft and aesthetic design to improve filmmaking. 


Graphic Design BFA student learning objectives: 

  • Develop one’s voice in design and creativity: Students will develop and complete at least four substantial bodies of work in graphic design and/or photography. The works will demonstrate originality, concept development, and effective storytelling.