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Creation Moments

Creation Science Just for Kids

Education World: Science Center


Faith and Science

First Lego League

Free test prep for WEST-B and NES

Icky Free Kids - health videos for kids on ARTV

Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation

NAD Teacher Bulletin

National Geographic

National Geographic Kids

National Science Foundation - classroom resources

National Science Teachers Association

     Freebies for Science Teachers

     NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Books

     Science & Children Journal

Nature Friend Magazine

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Curriculum Library Resources


     Cross Species Friendships


     Easy Reading Science




     Rocks and Minerals

     Science Journals




     Women Scientists

Professional literature 372.35 

     Interact Simulations

Textbooks 372.35

     SDA ByDesign 372.3 K339

Magazines - Ask, Muse, National Geographic Kids, Nature Friend, and Ranger Rick

Children's literature - 500's natural science, 600's applied science 


Puppet scripts

Room 306 - Small kits, Common Core kits curriculum guides, die cutter and dies.

      Strawbees - dies for making connectors to build with straws

      Publishing station - create professional looking games and booklets

Room 308 big kits 

Room 310 - Demo objects, posters, over-sized textbooks.

      T-01   Snapino

      T-03   Makey Makey

      T-15   Snap Circuits Extreme

      T-18   Zoomy 2.0 handheld digital microscope

      R-12   K'Nex Introduction to Simple Machines: Gears

      R-13   K'Nex Introduction to Simple Machines: Wheels & Axles...

      R-14   K'Nex Introduction to Simple Machines: Levers & Pulleys

      R-15   K'Nex Introduction to Structures: Bridges

Room 312 -  Globes, models, microscopes, etc.