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Adventist Education Elementary Bible Standards

Adventist Education Secondary Bible Standards

NPUC teacher resources, textbook lists, etc.

Internet Resources

Adventist Family Ministries - online children's stories

Adventist Mission Stories for Children

ARtv Adventist Review videos

Bible Gateway - search online Bibles in many versions and languages.

Creation Moments - half page bulletin inserts about creation. - SDA curriculum and resource links

Encounter Bible Curriculum

Faith, Reason, & Earth History - free ebook from Adventist Learning Community

God's Messenger: Meeting Kids' Needs - White Estate website for teachers to help their students' walk with Jesus.

Kids Bible Info - answers to Bible questions, guides, games, and stories

SDA Sabbath School Department with links for lessons for different age groups

Seventh-day Adventist Fundamental Beliefs

Teacher Bulletin - "The Teacher Bulletin is created by teachers, for teachers. It is our mission to present classroom teachers with creative and resourceful ideas integrating Christian principles with cutting-edge technology, contemporary theories and trends."

Tell the World - online video of Seventh-day Adventist early church history.

Your Story Hour Clubhouse Magazine - online editions to read or print.

Interlibrary Loan

Research Central - Instructions for finding and borrowing items from other libraries.

Curriculum Library Resources


     Bible Reference

     Biblical historical fiction








     Religious Pioneers

     Sheep and Shepherds

Children's Literature

     200's - Bible and missions

     700's for music

     922 - Christian leaders

     Biographies - church leaders and missionaries

File folder games

Professional Literature - 200's and 372.85

Textbooks - 200's - Bible and church history

      372.4 C744 A Reason for Reading Values series

      372.634 C744  A Reason for Writing (integrates memory verses, handwriting, and community service)

Puppets scripts

Nature Friend magazine - helping families explore the wonders of God's creation

Picture file

Room 306

       Encounter SDA Bible series (by permission of the instructor)

       Die cutter

       Potentials: Assessing and Building Spiritual Environments (Reserve)

       Publishing station - prepare games and booklets

       Bible costumes for adults and the doll puppets

Room 308

       Pathways of the Pioneers CD's - Adventist Heritage Kit

Room 310

       Memory Verse charts & bulletin boards for older SDA Gr. 1-4 series.

Room 312

       The Bible in Living Sound records

       NAD Teacher Bulletins on CD - See the website for more volumes.

       Legacy of Light - CD from Ellen G. White Estate