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IM 220.85 P273

Paterson, John

Consider the Lilies: Plants of the Bible

IM 500 B865

Broekel, Ray

You and the Science of Plants, Animals, and the Earth

IM 500 P751p

Podendorf, Illa

Predicting with Plants

IM 507 W977

Wyler, Rose

Golden Picture Book Of Science

IM 574 H367

Heller, Ruth

Reason for a Flower

IM 574.1 Si55

Simon, Seymour

Secret Clocks

IM 574.53 G 578a

Goldstein, Philip

Animals and Plants that Trap

IM 580 G621

Goodman, Emily

Plant Secrets

IM 580 M341

Markle, Sandra

Grow a Giant Beanstalk

IM 580 Sp45 g

Spilsbury, Richard

Plant Growth

IM 580 Sp45 p

Spilsbury, Richard

Plant Parts

IM 580 St28

Star, Fleur

Plant [Eye Wonder]

IM 581 Ar28

Ardley, Neil

Science Book of Things That Grow

IM 581 B935

Burnie, David


IM 581 B993

Byles, Monica

Experiment with Plants

IM 581 Ia7

Iasavoli, Brenda


IM 581 W386

Webber, Irma E.

Up Above and Down Below

IM 581.1 K126

Kalman, Bobbie

Photosynthesis: Changing Sunlight into Food

IM 581.3 G352

Gibbons, Gail

From Seed to Plant

IM 581.3 R279

Relf, Patricia

Magic School Plants Seeds

IM 581.333 B561

Black, Irma

Busy Seeds

IM 581.4 As86

Aston, Dianna Hutts

Seed Is Sleepy

IM 581.4 G131

Galbraith, Kathryn O.

Planting the Wild Garden

IM 581.4 M196

Macken, JoAnn Early

Flip, Float, Fly

IM 581.4 R391

Richards, Jean

Fruit Is a Suitcase for Seeds

IM 581.63 Se47

Sekido, Isamu

Fruits, Roots, and Fungi: Plants we Eat

IM 582 AL71

Aloian, Molly

Life Cycle of a Flower

IM 582 B561

Blackaby, Susan

Buds and Blossoms

IM 582.13 T639

Tosco, Uberto

World of Mountain Flowers

IM 583.55 W73

Winner, Cherie

Sunflower Family

IM 589 H367

Heller, Ruth

Plants that Never Ever Bloom

IM 595.7 G357

Gibson, Gertrude Hevener

About Insects that Help Plants

IM 635 OL4c

Olkowski, Helga

City People’s Book of Raising Food

IM 635 R722

Rosen, Michael J.

Down to Earth

IM 917.8 P272p

Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw

Plants on the Trail with Lewis and Clark

IM BB891b

Beaty, John Y.

Luther Burbank, Plant Magician

IM JL B8146

Brown, Ruth

Ten Seeds

IM JL Eh56

Ehlert, Lois

Planting a Rainbow

IM JL M662p

Miner, O. Irene Sevrey

True Book of Plants We Know

IM JL P751g

Podendorf, Illa

True Book of Plant Experiments

IM JL Sp32

Speer, Bonnie Stahlman

Errat’s Garden

IM JL St495

Stewart, Sarah


IM JL W6734c

Williams, Karen Lynn

Circles of Hope

IM JL W846

Wong, Herbert H.

My Plant

WRW K-3 L576

Levenson, George

Pumpkin Circle

WRW K-3 N81n

Norsgaard, E. Jaediker

Nature’s Great Balancing Act

WRW K-3 P185g

Palmisciano, Diane

Garden Partners

WRW K-3 St32

Steele, Mary Q.

Anna’s Garden Songs