Predictable and Pattern Books

Call Number



IM 574.5 D923

Dunphy, Madeleine

Here Is the Wetland

IM 591.7 B455

Berkes, Marianne

Over in the Jungle

IM 811 L64

Lindbergh, Reeve

Midnight Farm

IM B Se72 h

Hopkins, H. Joseph

Tree Lady

IM BB 398.2 Aa72b

Aardema, Verna

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain

IM BB G931

Guarino, Deborah

Is Your Mama a Llama

IM BB M363

Martin Bill

Polar Bear, Polar Bear

IM BB N917

Numeroff, Laura Joffe

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

IM JL Ah47j

Ahlberg, Janet

Jolly Postman, The

IM JL B814c

Brown, Margaret Wise

Child's Good Night Book, A

IM JL B814i

Brown, Margaret Wise

Important Book

IM JL B935p

Burningham, John

Come Away from the Water, Shirley

IM JL C175ib

Capucilli, Alyssa Satin

Inside a Barn in the Country

IM JL C192

Carle, Eric

Very Hungry Caterpillar, The

IM JL C192g

Carle, Eric

Grouchy Ladybug, The

IM JL C381

Charlip, Remy


IM JL F326

Feiffer, Jules

Bark, George

IM JL G121

Gag, Wanda

Millions of Cats

IM JL H653

Hoberman, Mary Ann

House Is a House for Me

IM JL K124

Kalan, Robert

Jump Frog Jump

IM JL k225o

Keats, Ezra Jack, ill

Over in the Meadow


Kraus, Robert

Leo the Late Bloomer

IM JL K868

Krauss, Ruth

Hole Is to Dig, A

IM JL K868v

Krauss, Ruth

Very Special House, A

IM JL K968

Kuskin, Karla

Philharmonic Gets Dressed, The

IM JL L783r

Lobel, Arnold

Rose in My Garden, The

IM JL M279

Mahy, Margaret

17 Kings and 42 Elephants

IM JL M354

Marshak, S.

Pup Grew Up, The

IM JL M363

Martin, Bill

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

IM JL M363p

Martin, Bill

Panda Bear, Panda Bear

IM JL M452t

Mayer, Mercer

There's an Alligator Under My Bed

IM JL M452w

Mayer, Mercer

What Do You Do with a Kangaroo

IM JL N319b

Neitzel, Shirley

Bag I’m Taking to Grandma’s

IM JL N917

Numeroff, Laura Joffe

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

IM JL P219

Parish, Peggy

Amelia Bedelia(four titles)


Polacco, Patricia

In Enzo’s Splendid Gardens

IM JL R722

Rosen, Michael

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

IM JL T125

Tafuri, Nancy

Have You Seen My Duckling?

IM JL T595

Tomkins, Jasper

When a Bear Bakes a Cake

IM JL V263z

Van Allsburg, Chris

Z Was Zapped

IM JL W85k

Wood, Audrey

King Bidgood's in the Bathroom

IM JL W85n

Wood, Audrey

Napping House, The


Zemach, Margot

Little Red Hen

WRW K-3 B814

Brown, Margaret Wise

Goodnight Moon

WRW K-3 B814g

Brown, Margaret Wise

Goodnight Moon

WRW K-3 B814r

Brown, Margaret Wise

Runaway Bunny

WRW K-3 B935m

Burningham, John

Mr. Gumpy's Outing

WRW K-3 D923h

Dunphy, Madeleine

Here Is the Tropical Rainforest

WRW K-3 P956b

Pryor, Ainslie

Baby Blue Cat Who Said No

WRW K-3 Z4m

Zemach, Harve

Mommy Buy Me a China Doll

WRW K-4 J447j

Jennings, Sharon

Jeremiah and Mrs. Ming