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IM 304.6 Sm54

Smith, David J.

If the World Were a Village

IM 332.024 M823

Morgan, Rowland

How to Make a Million

IM 332.024 Sch95

Schwartz, David M.

If You Made a Million

IM 332.4 L517

Leedy, Loreen

Follow the Money

IM 332.4 M455

Mayr, Diane

Everything Kids' Money Book

IM 332.4 Ot2

Otfinoski, Steve

Kids’ Guide to Money

IM 332.4 Y86

Young, Robert


IM 332.6 W581

Whitcraft, Melissa

Wall Street

IM 371.96 St25

Stanley, Jerry

Children of the Dust Bowl

IM 398.2 G323

Gershator, Phillis

Only One Cowry

IM 398.2 G42

Gilman, Phoebe

Something from Nothing

IM 398.2 K123

Kajikawa, Kimiko

Yoshi’s Feast

IM 398.2 K967t

Kurtz, Jane


IM 398.2 T111

Taback, Simms

Joseph Had a Little Overcoat

IM 658.1 Am15

Amazing Life Games

Good Cents

IM 658.85 An27

Andrews, Markita

How to Sell More...

IM 659.1 G795

Graydon, Shari

Made You Look: How Advertising Works

IM 813 B83n

Beatty, Patricia

Nickel Plated Beauty

IM 813 C937

Curry, Jane Louise

Great Smith House Hustle

IM 813 K261

Kehret, Peg

Richest Kids in Town

IM 813 M192

McKay, Hilary

Exiles at Home

IM 813 R546h

Robertson, Keith

Henry Reed, Inc.

IM JL B886d

Bunting, Eve

Day’s Work

IM JL C275

Castaneda, Omar S.

Abuela’s Weave

IM JL D63g

DiSalvo-Ryan, Dyanne

Grandpa’s Corner Store

IM JL F6287h

Fleming, Candace

Hatmaker’s Sign

IM JL H433g

Herrera, Juan Felipe

Grandma and Me and the Flea

IM JL H833b

Howard, Ginger

Basket of Bangles, How a Business Begins

IM JL K382

Kennedy, Frances

Pickle Patch Bathtub

IM JL M139b

McCully, Emily Arnold

Bobbin Girl

iM JL M467p

Medearis, Angela Shelf

Picking Peas for a Penny

IM JL M6945u

Mitchell, Margaree King

Uncle Jed’s Barbershop

IM JL N717p

Nolen, Jerdine

Pitching in for Eubie

IM JL P415

Perez, Amada Irma

My Very Own Room

IM JL Sa57

Sanfield, Steve

Bit by Bit

IM JL Sm79h

Smothers, Ethel F.

Hard-Times Jar

IM JL V814a

Viorst, Judith

Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday

IM JL W675a

Williams, Vera B.

Chair for My Mother


Ziefert, Harriet

New Coat for Anna