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IM 226.9 L128

Ladwig, Tim

Lord's Prayer, The

IM 226.96 T811

Tudor, Tasha

Give Us This Day

IM 242.62 B388

Beckett, Wendy

Child's Book of Prayer in Art, A

IM 242.8 B314

Batchelor, Mary

Children's Prayers from Around the World

IM 248.2 G749

Goyer, Tricia

Prayers That Changed History

IM 242.8 H775

Hopkins, Lee Bennett

All God's Children

IM 242.8 K62

Fortner, Tama

Child’s Garden of Prayers, A

IM 242.8 K969

Kuzma, Kay

Prayer Promises for Kids!

IM 242.8 L64

Lindbergh, Reeve

In Every Tiny Grain of Sand

IM 242.8 M618

Miller, Steve

Child’s Garden of Prayer, A

IM 248 J721te

Jones, Mary Alice

Tell Me About Prayer

IM 248 M363

Martin, Bill

Teach Me to Pray

IM 248.3 B657

Bostrom, Kathleen Long

What Is Prayer?

IM 248.3 EL52

Elkins, Stephen

Tell Me About Prayer

IM 248.3 F458

Field, Rachel

Prayer for a Child

IM 248.3 G915

Groth, Jeanette L.

Prayer: Learning How to Talk to God

IM 248.3 K348

Kendrick, Stephen

Prayer Works

IM 248.3 W676

Williamson, Marianne

Emma and Mommy Talk to God

IM 291.43 B815

Brown, Susan Taylor

Can I Pray with My Eyes Open

IM 808.81 H775a

Hopkins, Lee Bennett

And God Bless Me

IM 808.81 L328t

Larrick, Nancy

Tambourines! Tambourines to glory!

IM 811 D363

Bernos de Gasztold, Carmen

Prayers from the Ark

 IM JL C199 bk. 11

Carlyle, Linda Porter

Teddy's terrible tangle

IM JL C66y

Cohen, Barbara

Yussel's Prayer (or Jewish)

IM JL W653p

Wilkin, Eloise Burns

Prayers for Children

IM/AL 811 G882w

Grimes, Nikki

When Daddy Prays

WRW K-3 AL27p

Alexander, Martha G.

Poems and Prayers for the Very Young

WRW K-3 B3445t

Baynes, Pauline, ill

Thanks Be to God

Last update on April 29, 2019