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IM 597.8 Ar66

Arnosky, Jim

All About Frogs

IM 597.8 B541

Bishop, Nic


IM 597.8 C839

Cowley, Joy

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

IM 597.8 G94

Guiberson, Brenda Z.

Frog Song

IM 597.8 M273

Magloff, Lisa

Watch Me Grow, Frog

IM 597.8 M341

Markle, Sandra

Slippery, Slimy Baby Frogs

IM 597.8 M341h

Markle, Sandra

Hip-Pocket Papa

IM 597.8 M723

Moffett, Mark W.

Face to Face with Frogs

IM 597.8 P272

Patent, Dorothy H.

Flashy, Fantastic, Rain Forest Frogs

IM 597.8 R564

Robinson, Martyn

Frogs & Toads

IM 597.8 Si55d

Simon, Seymour

Discovering What Frogs Do

IM 597.8 T856

Turner, Pamela S.

Frog Scientist


Chenery, Janet

Toad Hunt

IM JL K124

Kalan, Robert

Jump Frog, Jump!

IM JL L783

Lobel, Arnold

Frog and Toad Together

IM JL L783d

Lobel, Arnold

Days with Frog and Toad

IM JL T221

Teague, Mark

Frog Medicine

IM JL W637t

Weisner, David


WRW K-3 L783fr

Lobel Arnold

Frog and Toad Are Friends

WRW K-3 M452f

Mayer, Mercer

Frog, Where Are You?

Magazine Article Issue

Ranger Rick

Frog defenses

1998 Oct:2-10

Ranger Rick


2002 Apr:4-9

Ranger Rick


2005 Mar:21-25

Ranger Rick


1999 Mar:17-19

Ranger Rick


1995 July:2-7

Ranger Ric


1994 Mar:2-7

Ranger Rick

Frogs (tongue)

2003 June:12-13

Ranger Rick

Frogs, African bullfrog

2002 Nov:28-29

Ranger Rick

Frogs, African bullfrog

1995 May:46-47

Ranger Rick

Frogs, Flying frog

2001 Nov:32-36

Ranger Rick

Frogs, poison frogs

2007 Jan:22-27

Ranger Rick

Frogs, red-eyed treefrogs

2005 Dec:22-27

Ranger Rick

Frogs, Spring peeper

1996 Mar:34-38

Ranger Rick

Frogs, Poison dart

1992 July:4-9

Ranger Rick


1991 Mar: issue

Ranger Rick

Frogs, Bullfrogs

1989 May:42-47

Ranger Rick


2011 Apr:6-12

Ranger Rick


2014 JJ:34-36

NG Kids

Frog Versus Fungus

2015 Oct:14-17

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