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IM 560 T377

Thompson Sharon Elaine

Death Trap

IM 567.9 G446

Gish, Duane T.

Dinosaurs by Design

IM 567.9 G79

Graham-Kennedy, Elaine


IM 567.9 In7

Institute for Creation Research

Guide to Dinosaurs

IM 567.9 L566s

Lessem, Don


IM 567.9 L566u

Lessem, Don


IM 567.9 P225

Parker, Gary E.

Dry Bones and Other Fossils

IM 567.9 T217

Taylor, Paul S.

Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible

IM 568 B623

Blough, Glenn O.

Discovering Dinosaurs

IM 568.19 C671

Colbert, Edwin H.

Digging for Dinosaurs

IM JL C548

Clark, Mary


IM JL H673d

Hoff, Syd

Danny and the Dinosaur

IM JL St344

Steinberg, Laya

Thesaurus Rex

WRW 4-8 K457

Kerley, Barbara

Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins

WRW K-3 AL44di


Dinosaur Bones

WRW K-3 AL44my


My Visit to the Dinosaurs

WRW K-3 AL4f


Fossils Tell of Long Ago

WRW K-3 C234p

Carrick, Carol

Patrick’s Dinosaurs

WRW K-3 Se66h

Sereno, Paul C.

How Tough Was a Tyrannosaurus?

IM/PL 568.19 At63

Atlantic Union Conference

Creationist View of Dinosaurs, two volumes*

IM/R 030 C437y 1976

Childcraft Annual

Prehistoric Animals

IM/R 030 C437y 1987

Childcraft Annual


IM/TB 372.35 C86

Creation-Science Research

Science and Creation [series]

IM/TB 372.35 M228cp

Nolan, Dennis

Dinosaur Dream

IM/TB 372.4 C76b(1)

Eaton, Audrey

Dinosaurs Galore

IM/TB 550 Se82


Earth, Origins and Early History, student and Teacher’s Resource Manual

*also on Teacher Bulletin CD 2001


Good Apple

Sep/Oct. 2000:42-46

“Teacher, There’s a Dinosaur on My Desk!”

Good Apple

Mar. 1990:12-13


Mailbox, Primary

Aug/Sep 1988:8-13

Rediscover Dinosaurs

Mailbox, Primary

Dec/Jan 1990-91:28:34

Crazy About Dinosaurs

Think & Discover

Nov/Dec 2004:49-51

Dinosaur Activities

Four dies for the die cutter

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