Department of Technology

The diverse curriculum offered by the Walla Walla University Department of Technology will teach you to effectively utilize the most current knowledge and skills necessary to perform at the top of the technical field of your choice. You will focus on a specific area of interest while receiving a broad overview in other areas of technology and general studies. In every area of study, real-world and hands-on experience is highly emphasized. Each field of study offers work opportunities within the department to help you hone the skills needed to excel in a competitive work environment.


You will learn what makes automobiles and their systems work, how and why they fail, and how to use tools and equipment to diagnose and repair the defects quickly and effectively.

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Automotive Technology specialization (Associate of Science)


You'll learn how aircrafts fly, how to operate them safely, and how to interact in the world of professional aviation. During training you will be at the controls and learning first hand the challenges and rewards of operating aircraft.

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Aviation Technology specialization (Associate of Science)

Product Design

This major focuses on the design of user-friendly products and systems. Through an insight-driven design process, students develop meaningful and innovative products. Students work in a studio environment where collaboration and critical thinking are encouraged.

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Product Design specialization (Associate of Science)


Looking for information on graphic design? There’s change in the air and this program is moving to the Department of Visual Arts. Learn more about the new graphic design program >