Technology students get a lot done in the Canaday Technology Center (CTC). The CTC is where they attend all of their classes and spend countless hours working on projects, and just hanging out. This is because the CTC contains an ideal learning environment made up of the various facilities available to all of our students.

Product Design Studio

Location: CTC room 320

In this large room, each student is given their own desk and corresponding wall space to work on projects. While several classes utilize this studio as their meeting room, the studio is open to students from 5am–2am each day. This studio also features a large conference room and presentation projector, as well as four new Wacom Cintiq stations.

Freshman Studio

Location: CTC room 315

A dedicated studio for the Freshman in the Product Design program. This room is tailored to the needs of students learning the fundamentals of design. This studio includes a dedicated maker space for projects.

Technology Lab

Location: CTC room 314

Computer Aided Design classes and current manufacturing processes are taught in this lab. There are 22 computer workstations loaded with the latest 3D design software. This room includes five 3D printers, two laser cutters, and several large project tables for assembling prototypes. This is the perfect space to design and test out design ideas!

Wood Shop

Location: CTC room 115

Our woods lab is well-equipped with all manner of manual, electric, and state-of-the-art CNC woodworking tools. Students create many custom items from wood under the careful and safe supervision of a master finish carpenter.

All table saws are equipped with Saw Stops.

Metal Lab

Location: CTC room 108

Our metal machining shop is fully equipped with high-quality horizontal and vertical mills, CNC equipment, and metal lathes. In this lab, students learn how to fabricate and machine components using almost any type of metal, including steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, and stainless steel.

Welding Lab

Location: CTC 110

The welding lab is equipped with 6 dedicated arc welding stations, nine oxy-acetylene stations, and three stations for TIG and MIG machines. All stations have individual ventilation systems for comfort and safety.

Auto Shop

Location: CTC 126

The automotive technology lab is home to our award-winning automotive program. The lab serves as a fully functional auto repair business and instructional lab. It is extremely well equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment commonly found at high end dealerships, including manufacturer-level scan tools, Hunter wheel and alignment equipment, and an all-wheel drive Mustang chassis dynamometer.

Flight Center

This 10000 square foot hanger is the hub of our aviation program and home to our 8 aircraft and extremely qualified maintenance staff and facilities. Frasca flight simulators and flight instructor offices are also on site.