WWU’s automotive faculty are highly qualified, with many years of real-world experience working on European cars at the dealership level, and long-lasting involvement with aftermarket modifications and tuning. Automotive faculty interface well with other technology instructors to provide a full and comprehensive education that gives students more options in career choice.  

Rob Holm

Technology Department Chair
(509) 527-2713 | rob.holm@wallawalla.edu
Canaday Technology Center

Education: M.S. Purdue University, 2006

Areas of interest: Holm has always loved cars. He has worked on cars for BMW of Bellevue and on aircraft for Blue Ridge Aircraft Service. He enjoys waterskiing, motorcycles, golf, piano, flying, and high-performance cars.

James Veverka

Instructor of Technology
(509) 527-2714 | james.veverka@wallawalla.edu
Canaday Technology Center

Education: B.S. Walla Walla College, 2007

Areas of Interest: Veverka discovered his love for teaching here at WWU when he instructed a course as part of his senior project. While he was with Marque Motors in Portland, Oregon, he specialized in Porsche, Audi, VW, and BMW repair, but he also enjoyed working on classic cars. In his free time, he likes off-roading with both 2 and 4-wheeled machines, karting, high-performance driving, fly fishing, and surfing. 


Shawn Dietrich

Associate Professor of Aviation
(509) 527-2323 | shawn.dietrich@wallawalla.edu

Education: S.I.C., Federal Aviation Administration, 2022; B.S., B.A., Walla Walla University, 2001. 

Bio: Dietrich has flown as a cargo pilot, firefighter pilot, medical evacuation pilot, and corporate pilot. He’s also trained pilots for four different air carriers and served as director of operations at several aviation organizations. He enjoys camping, boating, and traveling with his two daughters and wife, Heather. 


Stan Holm

Aircraft Maintenance Manager
(509) 527-2323 | stan.holm@wallawalla.edu

Education: A&P/IA Colorado Aero Tech,1976

Bio: Bio: Holm has owned Blue Ridge Aircraft Service in Walla Walla, was a corporate pilot for Computer Networking Service, and was shop foreman for the Beechcraft dealer in Seattle. He grew up in the tropics as the son of missionary parents, and has traveled extensively throughout his life—even being rewarded with a tour of duty in Vietnam. 

Darryl Penney

Flight Training Manager
(509) 527-2723 | darryl.penney@wallawalla.edu

Education: S.E.S., Federal Aviation Administration; D.C., Palmer College of Chiropractic, 1988. 

Bio: Penney was Andrews University’s assistant chief flight instructor for the past 10 years. He joined the WWU aviation team after holding his instructor certificate for 41 years. After so much time teaching, he says teaching people to fly is “new every day!” 


Product Design

Our team of faculty works closely with one another to ensure a positive experience for our students. As a student in the Department of Technology, you will get to know your instructors well in small classes, and benefit from their one-on-one coaching and assistance in our project-based learning environment. Learn more about our accomplished faculty below. 

Jefre Humbert

Instructor of Product Design
(509) 527-2717 | jefre.humbert@wallawalla.edu
Canaday Technology Center

Education: B.S. Walla Walla University, 1984

Areas of Interest: Jefre’s background in business and manufacturing make him the man with the answers on prototyping, model making, CNC technologies, mold-making, plastics and more. His passions are teaching, product design, and manufacturing. He has started a couple of companies that create custom molds, and has developed software for various schools.  


Logan Seibold

Instructor of Product Design
(509) 527-2695 | logan.seibold@wallawalla.edu
Canaday Technology Center

Education: B.S. Walla Walla University, 2021

Areas of Interest: Logan’s expertise is in sketching, model-making, CAD, rendering, and graphic design. His passions are for studio classes that emphasize quality at every stage of the design process. Outside of design, he enjoys fitness, travel, and the outdoors, and the thing he knows most about is filmmaking. 

Dan Wolcott

Instructor of Technology (Woods)

Education: Lifetime in construction and woodworking 

Areas of Interest: Dan builds custom cabinetry and furniture; he considers teaching to be the highlight of his working week, and feels that he is blessed by God and the university for trusting him with the task. 


Jacob Patterson

Instructor of Technology (CAD)

Education: B.S. Walla Walla University, 2017

Areas of Interest: Patterson does professional CAD in the mechanical design industry. He enjoys cooking, playing pickleball, and working on house projects with his wife and their pup. 

Josie Henderson

Assistant Professor
(509) 527-2712 | josie.henderson@wallawalla.edu

Education: M.A., Walla Walla University, 2020; B.A., Walla Walla University, 2018

Areas of interest: Josie has worked as a writer, designer, editor, filmmaker, producer, director, website creator and manager, TV show host, and photographer. She loves volunteering for outreach projects, playing music with church groups, and exploring the outdoors. But most of all, she likes to visit with family and friends. 

Nathanael McCoy

Instructor of Technology (Metals and Machining)
(509) 527-2212 | nathanael.mccoy@wallawalla.edu

Areas of Interest: Nathanael enjoys fine craftsmanship in wood, metal, and fabric or leather. Being active is his passion, whether by wheel, sole, or oar, and he honors the Creator of the Universe for His guidance and wisdom. 



Kris Margart

Instructor of Technology (Welding)