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School of Social Work and Sociology

The Wilma Hepker School of Social Work and Sociology offers a bachelor of social work degree (BSW) and a Bachelor of arts degree (BA) with a major in sociology, and a master of social work degree (MSW) at our College Place, Washington campus. The school also offers the master of social work degree (MSW) at our campuses in Missoula and Billings, Montana. Contact Academic Advisement if you have questions: (509) 527-2132.

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Sociology Major (Bachelor of Arts)

Sociology broadens the student's perspective of the overall organization and function of society. A sociologist is concerned with the scientific study of social phenomena arising out of group relationships. A major in sociology is useful as pre-professional preparation for advanced research and teaching in sociology, community planning, public administration, law and medical professions, and other fields concerned with social relationships.

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Social Work Major (Bachelor of Social Work)

The degree in social work is designed to prepare students for generalist social work practice in a variety of practice settings and graduate study. Supervised field practicum experience in selected social work agencies is an integral part of the program. The Bachelor of Social Work is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education

Candidates for social work are selected on the basis of scholarship, ethical conduct, awareness of diverse issues, and a commitment to social and economic justice. In addition to completing the requirement for the Bachelor of Social Work, students must be accepted into candidacy in the junior year to continue in the program. Criteria for acceptance include a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5 with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in core requirements.

Students who graduate from this program are eligible to enter our Masters of Social Work degree with advanced standing and complete the program in four quarters (12 months) instead of 6. 

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Social Welfare Minor

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Sociology Minor

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Masters of Social Work (MSW)

Graduate students choose to study at Walla Walla University because of our rigorous and challenging curricula designed to enhance critical thinking and develop practical skills. They come because of our accredited graduate education in an environment where people care about you and your personal and professional success. Our program provides you with on-the-job skills that employers are looking for in new graduates. Small classes give ample opportunity for involvement with other students from diverse backgrounds. The MSW program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

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Last update on September 6, 2019