A history of generosity in service

Imbued in the mission, academics, and extracurricular programs on the Walla Walla University campus is an emphasis on service.  The Social Work Program, which seeks to uplift humanity by helping to ameliorate the social ills and problems of individuals, families, communities and organizations, finds itself enthusiastic and like-minded with the University’s focus.

The mission of the Wilma Hepker School of Social Work and Sociology is to train competent and ethical professionals who serve their communities, pursue social justice, value all people, and embody integrity.


Department of Social Work and Sociology is created




WWU begins offering a DSW program on the College Place campus


WWU begins offering a MSW program on the College Place campus


The MSW program expands to a campus in Missoula, Montana and in 2000 another campus was opened in Billings, Montana

Community Service Award

The Community Service Award is given annually to a faculty member who exemplifies generosity of service to the Walla Walla community. Wilma Hepker was the first WWU recipient of the Community Service Award. Following in this tradition of service, six additional faculty members have received the award including:

  • Pam Cress

  • Susan Smith

  • Darold Bigger

  • Janet Ockerman

  • Emily Tillotson

  • Cheris Current