Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

Our mission is to train competent and ethical professionals who: embody integrity, value all people, serve their communities, and pursue social justice. Our program is designed for working students with one day a week classes. This allows you to work while you earn a degree and still manage the demands of life.

The BSW and MSW programs are fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Learn about our online Doctor of Social Work program. >

The Wilma Hepker School of Social Work and Sociology offers a Master of Social Work degree that is offered on two campuses: College Place, WA; Billings, MT.

What is the difference between Advanced Standing and Regular Standing?

  • Advanced Standing: Must hold a Bachelor of Social Work degree from a CSWE accredited program with a graduation date within the past 5 years. A cumulative GPA of 3.0+ is also required. 4 quarters long.
  • Regular Standing:  Open to all majors with an accredited bachelor’s degree by the time your MSW program begins. The Regular Standing MSW program option is designed for students who do not have a baccalaureate degree in social work from a CSWE accredited program, or who do not meet the other admission requirements for the Advanced Standing program. Achieve a 2.75 minimum GPA for admission.

Program Highlights

  • Clinical emphasis (learn therapy and counseling skills)
  • Advanced standing 1 year option for BSW graduates*
  • Licensed clinical faculty, active in their communities
  • In-person, Monday classes, one-day-a-week
  • No entrance exam or statistics course required

*Must hold Bachelor of Social Work degree from an accredited program with a graduation date within the past 5 years and GPA of 3.0+.

Preferential Deadline

May 1
All admission documents must be in to guarantee a slot (if eligible).

May 31
Ballmer Behavioral Health Scholarship application deadline. Must be accepted or have admissions file completed for review by this date.

Final Application Deadline

August 30

Ballmer Behavioral Health Scholarship

Partner universities in Washington are pleased to announce the Washington State Behavioral Health Workforce Development Initiative’s Ballmer Behavioral Health Scholarship Program, a conditional grants program. Individuals applying to or enrolled in accredited counseling, marriage and family therapy, and social work graduate programs in central, eastern, and western Washington who have a commitment to working in the behavioral health field are invited to apply.

The Washington State Behavioral Health Workforce Development Initiative (WDI) invests heavily in the potential of the future human services workforce—students—as a powerful force for systems change. The Ballmer Behavioral Health Scholarship Program is designed to attract highly committed, capable, and diverse cohorts of students who will enter key professional roles in the state’s behavioral health sector—debt‐free or substantially debt‐relieved. After graduation, students commit to working at a community behavioral health agency in Washington state.

The Washington State Behavioral Health Workforce Development Initiative is centered around services provided in community behavioral health agencies and at tribal health centers addressing their unique workforce demands. See the following highlights:

  • Must obtain Washington state residency by the time your program begins. Open to those who are a US citizen or have legal documentation to work in Washington state.
  • Placement at an approved community behavioral health agency is required.
  • Students should plan to commit to working in the field at an approved Ballmer site post-graduation. For three years as a regular standing student and one and a half years for advanced standing students.
  • Awards up to $51,500 over two years, amount disbursed to a Master of Social Work student varies on financial need shown.
  • Apply online after completing your MSW application.
  • Limited opportunity, funding support provided through 25-26 school year. Apply now to an approved program and start the process early.

Credits and Format


Classes will be offered face-to-face on Mondays beginning Fall 2023.

Credits and Length

  • Regular standing track
    • 79 credits 
      • 300 field hours in generalist setting
      • 600 practicum hours in advanced clinical setting.
    • 2 year minimum
  • Advanced standing track (for BSW graduates from an accredited school with a 3.0+ GPA)
    • 49 credits
    • 600 supervised practicum hours in advanced clinical setting
    • 1 year minimum

MSW Curriculum Plan


Loan repayment as low as $375 per month if using financial aid.*

  • Tuition is $695 per credit hour
  • Scholarships, Grants, Financial aid, Stafford Loans and ‘pay-as-you-go’ plans are available.
  • Master of Social Work Child Welfare Training Grant (available only at Billings, MT extension program)
  • Learn more about finances for graduate students >
 Advanced StandingRegular StandingBallmer Scholarship Recipient
Tuition$695 per credit$695 per credit$695 per credit
General Fees$363 per year$363 per year$363 per year
Books$1500 per year$1500 per year$1500 per year
 Miscellaneous$300 per year$300 per year$300 per year
Scholarships/GrantsUp to $3,600 per yearUp to $3,600 per yearUp to $25,750 per year
Estimated Total$32,618$53,468$5,631 - $10,168



In addition to the main campus in College Place, Washington, the Master of Social Work degree is offered on the Billings, Montana campus.

The Walla Walla University Master in Social Work (MSW) program in Montana offers the same graduate curriculum that is offered on the main campus in College Place, Washington. The focus of the program is advanced clinical practice. Students may take electives in areas such as addictions, aging, child welfare, children and families, mental health, medical social work, and school social work. 

An MSW can be earned in six quarters.  A four quarter advanced standing program is also available to BSW graduates who have graduated from a CSWE accredited institution.

College Place

418 SW Davis Ave.
College Place, WA 99324

2520 5th Ave.
Billings, MT 59101