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Student Nurse Preceptor Information



Preceptors and agency staff can learn about important polices regarding our students in the WWU School of Nursing Policies for Preceptors & Agency Staff booklet.


NRSG 437: Advanced Acute Nursing (Critical Care)  

Michaelynn Paul, RN, MSN 

Office: (503) 251-6115 ext. 17319

Cell: (503) 869-0686



Information for Advanced Acute preceptors can be found via the links below:

Advanced Acute Preceptor Fact Sheet 2016

Advanced Acute and Practicum Clinical Preceptor Fact Sheet 2016

Clinical Evaluation for Preceptors


NRSG 490: Nursing Practicum 

Tori Wilson, RN, MPH

Office: (503) 251-6115 ext. 17304


NRSG 421: Nursing of the Chronically Ill 

Karen Tetz PhD, RN

Office: (503) 251-6115 ext. 17313


NRSG 441: Community Health Nursing

Debbie Lampson MS, RN

Office: (503) 251-6115 ext. 17305


Last update on October 11, 2017